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First 'Geostorm' Trailer Is Like 'The Avengers' of Disaster Movies

Gerard Butler can solve any situation. Outnumbered by an invading army? No problem. Terrorists are trying to kill the president? Done. Wait, terrorists are still trying to kill the president? Done again. The entire world is being decimated by a series of escalating superstorms controlled by a vast sphere of high tech satellites? Butler’s got this.

At least we assume he does. It’s rare to have a disaster movie that, despite all the destruction, doesn’t have some kind of optimistic ending. Presumably Gerard Butler will give us one in Geostorm, where he plays a scientist trying to track down the real reason all these different plots for a disaster movie are all happening in one disaster movie.

Seriously, Geostorm is like The Avengers of disaster movies, uniting every environmental superstar in one big showdown. It’s got tsunamis. It’s got tornadoes. It’s got a swirling vortex so cold it freezes people instantly. It’s got lightning storms. It’s even got hail so big it can crush a bus.

Check it out.

[embedded content]

Geostorm hits theaters on October 20, 2017.

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