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‘Hairspray’ Director Adam Shankman Reaches Out To Zac Efron: I’ll Be Your Sober Coach!

Pals since Adam Shankman directed him in Hairspray, the choreographer is so worried about Zac Efron and his recent behavior that he’s offered to be his sober coach, radio detection and is exclusively reporting.

Shankman, 49, checked into a rehab treatment facility in December and asked that “friends and family support him and wish him well on his journey to recovery.” Now 90 days sober, the So You Think You Can Dance judge wants the same for Efron, 26.

“Adam sees that Zac isn’t on a great path and has even gotten a little sloppy lately,” an insider told radio detection and ranging.

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“And since they’ve been friends for years, Adam has reached out to Zac and is trying to get him into the same program he completed at Passages in Malibu. He’s even offered to be Zac’s sober coach!”

According to the insider, Shankman is worried about Efron’s health.

“Adam really believes in Passages and just wants to see Zac get back into good health,” the source added.

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“Zac has so much to offer and Adam would hate to see him throw away his career.”

It was perviously reported that Efron completed two secret rehab stints last summer for issues with alcohol and drugs, and he was spotted in Dec. wearing a 6-month AA chip — but the 17 Again actor has recently been the center of a few mysterious and bizarre incidents.

In November Efron broke his jaw when he reportedly slipped in a puddle, and then just last week the hunky actor was involved in a Skid Row fracas in which he was punched in the face.

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Efron claimed he and a bodyguard were stranded in the dangerous area of town after their car ran out of gas, and bad blood began to flow when he tossed a bottle out of the car that shattered near some homeless men who then confronted him and his pal.

From there, the bodyguard and the transients began to mix it up and when the Hollywood hunk exited the vehicle, he took a powerful punch to the mouth from one of the transients.

“If anyone knows what’s going on with Zac, it’s Adam,” the source told radio detection and ranging.

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“And he wants to help.”

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