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Here’s How Many Times Al Pacino Says ‘C—sucker’

Al Pacino’s position as murdered union chief Jimmy Hoffa in “The Irishman” has been known as some as of one of the best work of his profession… and one which simply so occurred to require him to name lots of people “c—suckers.”

In honor of Pacino’s Oscar-nominated efficiency, we’ve gone again by means of “The Irishman” and picked out the 17 instances Hoffa whips out that slur earlier than he meets his demise by the hands of the Bufalino crime household. And we’ve timecoded it to your comfort, so you possibly can see Pacino play a person raging towards his enemies.

#1: Hoffa rants at his internal circle after John F. Kennedy is elected president and an investigation begins towards him (1:03:45):

“That f—ing c—sucker Kennedy has got his nose up my ass everywhere I go!”

#2: Hoffa talks to Frank about how he trusts Fitz as the pinnacle of a union native however not Tony Pro (1:15:11):

Hoffa: “You’re not perplexed, are you?”
Frank: “Not at all. Not at all. I mean, I told you how I felt about Fitz. Pro? You know…”
Hoffa: “Yeah. Good, because sometimes I feel I’m the only one who sees right through that c—sucker.”

#3: During Hoffa’s struggle with Tony Pro in jail (1:37:31):

Tony: “You can get my f—ing money.”
Hoffa: “How?”
Tony: “Some other way.”
Hoffa: “What way?”
Tony: “The same way you got your money. Shh. Lower your f—ing voice.”
Hoffa: “You telling me to lower my voice?”
Tony: “I’m tellin’ you to lower your f—ing voice.”
Hoffa: “C—sucker.”
Tony: “Don’t call me a c—sucker”
Hoffa: “F— you.”

#Four and #5: After getting out of jail, Hoffa grumbles about having to make peace with Tony Pro to get again management of the union. (1:51:04):

Hoffa: “Now I gotta make peace with the c—sucker. Oh, I want to make up with you! I need you to endorse me! Please, Tony! Please… I’m not gonna get through this.”
Frank: “You gotta talk to him, that’s all. Just… you gotta deal with it.”
Hoffa: “Oh, he is a c—sucker, though.”

#6: Hoffa slams the door shut on making any truce with Tony Pro. (1:56:17)

Hoffa: “What would you like me to do? I stated, ‘you people.’ What would you like me to do, apologize for it?
Tony: “That’s precisely what I need, Jimmy. An apology.”
Hoffa: “I’ll apologize for it…
Tony: “That’s all I need.”
Hoffa: “After you apologize for being late, you motherf—ing wop c—sucker.

#7-9: Frank’s try and relax Hoffa after the struggle with Tony backfires (1:58:37):

Hoffa: “That’s not making me relax! Standing by me? What the f— does that imply? Standing by me ain’t the identical factor as doing one thing about some out-of-control f—ing psycho!”
Frank: “Jimmy, the Little Guy ain’t a nobody. You gotta understand that. He ain’t a nobody”
Hoffa: “He’s a c—sucker. Fitz is a c—sucker. I’m gonna take care of each these c—suckers…

#10: Frank tries to warn Hoffa that the mob is popping towards him (2:03:23):

Frank: “They had been saying… ‘Please tell Jimmy we love the guy. We don’t need any drawback.
We simply suppose that he ought to, perhaps get pleasure from his grandchildren, get pleasure from his pension, get pleasure from his life as is.’”
Hoffa: “Go no further, Frank. Who said it?”
Frank: “It don’t matter who said it.”
Hoffa: “Oh, it matters. Was it Russell? No, of course it’s not Russell. It’s that little c—sucker from the Miami fiasco?”
Frank: “No.”
Hoffa: “Then who?”
Frank: “Tony.”
Hoffa: “Which Tony? They’re all named Tony. I mean, what’s the matter with Italians? They can only think of one name.”

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