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International Trailer Domination Tour: A Korean War Epic, Indonesian Horror, Dutch Detectives and More

Twitch Film and once again present the International Trailer Domination Tour, a selection of the best trailers from upcoming international films. In this edition we’ve got Dutch detectives, horror from Indonesia, American superheroes, an epic war film from Korea and giant monsters from – where else – Japan.

1. Modus Anomali by Joko Anwar, Indonesia

Indonesia’s Joko Anwar has been getting progressively darker with his work, the romcom of Joni’s Promise giving way to the noir infused Kala and the almost Lynchian violence of The Forbidden Door. That trend continues with his upcoming horror film Modus Anomali. The film doesn’t start principal photography until Monday but Anwar used his camera testing session as an opportunity to shoot the film’s first trailer and it would appear he’s got something nasty in store.

2. Ultraman Saga by Hideki Oka, Japan

Japan’s Ultraman franchise turns 45 this year, the hero having survived multiple incarnations for the very simple reason that flying men in silver suits battling giant monsters is FUN. The latest big screen outing gathers a number of older Ultraman heroes while introducing a new flagship character and setting the whole lot of them to battle a host of big, rubbery monsters. Some things just never get old.

3. My Way by Kang Je-gyu, South Korea

Korean director Kang Je-gyu won a host of fans around the world with his fabulous Korean War film Taegukgi: Brotherhood Of War and while he’s back in his familiar military stomping grounds for his latest effort he’s aiming for an even bigger canvas. A WWII tale built as a Korean / Chinese / Japanese co-production, Kang’s My Way looks to be an absolutely epic spectacle in all the right ways. His cast is fabulous and the visuals … well, nobody really seems to do this better these days.

4. Alter Egos by Jordan Galland, USA

What’s this? An American effort in the International Trailer Domination? Well, America’s part of the world, too, and the latest from Rosencrantz And Guildenstern Are Undead writer-director Jordan Galland is just too good to pass up. I won’t spoil the central joke of Galland’s superhero comedy Alter Egos because it’s in the trailer and you really should experience it fresh, but this is just flat out charming, witty, funny stuff from someone who clearly knows and loves the genre.

5. Plan C by Max Porcelijn, the Netherlands

It would appear that The Netherlands have something of a Coen Brothers fan on their hands in first time feature director Max Porcelijn. And that may be a rather good thing, indeed. His Plan C revolves around a lowly detective with a lot of debt and a big gambling problem who settles on robbing and illegal poker game as the solution to his problems. It doesn’t work out so well.

The International Trailer Domination Tour is compiled from the pages of Twitch where international films are a specialty. Keep up with everything around the globe by visiting Twitch on the web, finding Twitch on Facebook or following Twitch on Twitter.

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