‘John Wick’ Trailer: Kill Keanu Reeves’ Dog and You’re

Movies about hitmen or gangsters or bank robbers coming out of retirement for one last hurrah are a dime a dozen. They come out like clockwork on both the big screen and small, and they all tend to follow the same general rule of a badass dude trying to enjoy the late stages of life only to get inadvertently wrapped back up into the lifestyle they left behind.

Sometimes it’s because someone is trying to find them (A History of Violence), other times they’re defending an innocent person (The Equalizer). The upcoming John Wick, however, may take the cake when it comes to excuses for a hardcore hitman to get back in the game.

If the trailer is to be believed, Keanu Reeves’ is living a nice, peaceful life, until some dumb goon kills his dog. Yes, his tiny, tiny dog. So he does what all rational people do under those circumstances: Unearths his cache of guns and decides to kill every gangster stupid enough to be wearing a suit and standing in his general vicinity.

Seriously, that’s what sets Reeves’ character on his path of vengeance. And boy does that path look like a ton of fun to watch.

John Wick hits theaters on October 24, 2014, but expect our review of it from its world premiere at Fantastic Fest.


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