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Johnny Bananas goes rogue on ‘The Challenge: Rivals III’ finale

Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Only four minutes separated the winning team from a 2nd place finish on the Wednesday night (Aug. 3) finale of MTV’s “The Challenge: Rivals III.” There were moments that it appeared like Jenna and Vince might swipe the win from favorites Johnny Bananas and Sarah. But in the end, the latter was able to secure their well-earned 1st Place title.

Johnny and Sarah winners 'The Challenge Rivals III'

The two dominated this entire season. Seeing the long time veterans — who were once sworn enemies — band together as champions was extremely satisfying to watch. So, all is happily ever after … right? Wrong.

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The major twist in this finale had each teammate competing with each other, as well. Even after 1st, 2nd (Vince and Jenna) and 3rd place (Devin and Cheyenne) was established, the person with the most individual points had to decide if he or she would keep all the prize money, or split it with their partner.

To make it this far in the competition, and finish such a grueling final challenge, it was apparent to both the audience and each competitor that they couldn’t have done this with out their partner’s help. Devin said he wouldn’t be able to sleep at night if he didn’t share the $25,000 reward money with Cheyenne. Vince had no qualms splitting the $50,000 prize with his sometimes ditzy, but overall well-abled partner, Jenna.

Johnny Bananas and Sarah Rice 'The Challenge' puzzles

When host TJ Lavin announces that Bananas as his team’s winner, it made sense that he would follow suit and share the $275,000 prize money. For it’s unquestionable that without Sarah and her fierce physical and mental prowess, he would not be sitting pretty in the top spot.

Sarah and Bananas 'The Challenge Rivals III'

But as Zap2it sadly predicted, Bananas wasn’t able to pass up the title of being “The Challenge’s” most winningest competitor ever. And he did just that. Bananas kept the entire $275,000 for himself, leaving Sarah with nothing … nada … zip.

Sarah crying 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Understandably, Sarah completely breaks down in tears — making it hard for anyone to applaud the newly titled “Rivals III” champion team. While Vince defends his cousin by reiterating the fact that it was well within Banana’s right to make such a choice, Team Princess couldn’t believe it. Devin especially was disgusted by the guy he never liked in the first place.

Devin and Cheyenne 'The Challenge Rivals III'

Along with becoming the richest “Challenge” winner in the show’s history, Bananas also earns the medal for making the most cutting, cold-blooded move ever. As Sarah continued to cry, Bananas defended himself, stating he’s not sure how many more seasons he’s got left in him, that he’s getting older and that it’s a life-changing amount of money.

Bananas claims the hatchet between them is still officially buried, and his difficult choice to keep all the money has nothing to do with their prior beef. But, it’s hard to believe him. This was Banana’s chance to finally get sweet revenge on Sarah. Even though, the only thing Sarah is at fault for is being able to play the “Challenge” game better than him.

Johnny Bananas GIF

By all accounts, Bananas does recognize that he couldn’t have won this season without Sarah. And in a statement that almost makes her projectile vomit, he tells her that she should be proud. That no one can take away the fact that she was still a champion on the winning team.

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Can he not hear himself talking? As Sarah continued to cry her eyes out — lamenting about how much she was looking forward to attending grad school without debt and not having to work full time while getting a second degree — Bananas stands there awkwardly like a fool. Albeit, a very rich fool.

Tune in for what will definitely be an emotionally explosive after-show reunion on Wednesday, Aug. 3, at 11 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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