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Legendary Reportedly Wants Denis Villeneuve to Direct 'Dune'

Apparently this is the week of Denis Villeneuve news. It started with images from Blade Runner 2049. Then we got the teaser trailer, plus a few choice quotes about the film’s rating and lack of green screen sets. But now we’ve got some non-Blade Runner Villeneuve news. Legendary wants him to direct Dune.

The studio acquired the rights to Dune just a few weeks ago, but now Variety reports the studio is in early talks with Villeneuve to direct it. That’s kind of a dream come true for the Arrival director, who has previously said he had a longstanding dream to adapt Dune. Villeneuve knew that it was a bit of a pipe dream, though, since the rights to the sci-fi epic were out of reach. Now Legendary is serving them up to him on a silver platter.

Before you get too excited, do keep in mind this is all super early stuff. Legendary has plans of doing all kinds of things with Dune, potentially a movie franchise, a show, who knows what else. That may prove to be too much of a commitment to Villeneuve, who typically doesn’t make movies in the studio system. So as is always the case with these early ‘in negotiations’ talks, only time will tell how it all pans out.

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