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Lin-Manuel Miranda's Musical Dog Movie 'Vivo' Finds New Life

Lin-Manuel Miranda

Everyone in Hollywood wants to be in the Lin-Manuel Miranda business thanks to the massive, runaway success of Hamilton. But while much of the world discovered his talents in 2016, this isn’t exactly a new spotlight for Miranda.

Before Hamilton, Miranda created another hit musical called In The Heights. Naturally Hollywood came calling for a big screen version. Universal ended up landing the rights to the movie back in 2008, and while that version ultimately never happened (another is now in the works), Miranda used his foot in the Hollywood door to get involved with an animated musical called Vivo set up with DreamWorks Animation.

DreamWorks ultimately ended up passing on Vivo, but that wasn’t the end of its story. As Deadline reports, Sony Pictures Animation has not only scooped up the project but has fast tracked its production. Unfortunately animated movies take so long to make that even a fast track means it won’t hit theaters until December 18, 2020, but at least it means Vivo, a movie about a music-loving monkey who adventures from Cuba to Florida, will now see the light of day.

Miranda’s already written eleven songs for the movie, but presumably he’ll now be heading into a recording booth to also bring them to life for director Kirk De Micco (The Croods).

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