Look Out, Hillary! Bernie Sanders Secretly Filming Campaign Documentary

A documentary about Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders‘s bid to become the Democratic nominee is in the works, radio detection and rangingOnline.com has learned, and Hillary Clinton should be worried!

The project is a “tightly guarded secret” in Sanders’s camp, according to a well-placed insider.

“The documentary doesn’t even have an official title,” the source said, but it’s already coming together. “It will feature Bernie’s historic run for president, including his reluctance to charter a plane for his campaigning. It will give an inside look at the grassroots effort that has embraced Bernie.”

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But also, the source claimed, “It will focus heavily on the dirty politics used by Hillary Clinton and her camp.”

For example, “Clinton rented office space in the Democratic party’s office in Carson City, Nevada,” the source said. “There was another situation during the Nevada caucus involving Hillary when supporters wore shirts disguising themselves as nurses from a union that had endorsed Sanders. The allegation was that the move was an attempt to confuse Sanders supporters.”

Sanders’s camp has also publicly blasted Clinton, 68, for seemingly breaking the rules at the Wednesday night debate.

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Fox’s Ed Henry tweeted a picture of Clinton speaking with her staff during a debate break, and Sanders aide Jeff Weaver claimed debate rules prohibit candidates from consulting with staff during breaks, meaning Clinton violated DNC rules.

But the documentary wouldn’t necessarily deal a fatal blow to Clinton’s campaign.

Said the source, “The documentary likely won’t be released until after the election, in the hopes Bernie becomes the president. That is the ending everyone on the project wants!”

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