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Love and Murder: You're the Worst's Finale Shakes Up Every Couple on

Season three of You’re the Worst has already been quite the roller coaster, but tonight’s hour-long finale was like the Tower of Terror. 

In the aftermath of S–tstain’s wedding last week, all three of the show’s main couples were in serious distress. Edgar had abandoned Dorothy to go write sketches, Lindsay had told Paul she had an abortion, and Jimmy and Gretchen unleashed some painful truths about what they were thinking about their relationship. 

Tonight, they all had it out, and it’s possible that none of the couples survived, despite a marriage proposal that would have had any murder-loving Angeleno’s heart aflutter. 

Lindsay and Paul are definitely totally dunzo, and a whole new side of Paul came out tonight as he realized his wife was a total idiot, and he had the grounds for a very messy divorce. Lindsay immediately accepted Paul’s offer to give her $2000 a month, because she thought an apartment couldn’t possibly cost more than like $200. 

Edgar and Dorothy were OK at first, until he accepted a full-time writing job with Doug Benson and admitted he almost turned it down because he thought it would be hard on his girlfriend. So Dorothy decided to move back to Jacksonville and accept that her dream of being an actress and comedy writer wasn’t going to work out. 

Her cheap and scary apartment was now available, so after Lindsay decided she didn’t want to live Becca and Vernon and be their new baby’s full-time nanny, she moved in, and she actually didn’t seem all that upset about it. 

And then there’s Jimmy and Gretchen. 

At first, it looked like they were over once again. Gretchen basically told Jimmy he wasn’t allowed to grieve for his father since she was already depressed, and they couldn’t both be “broken.” Then, they bonded together over Jimmy’s book when he realized the couple in his book (who are also half siblings) are mirroring his relationship with Gretchen. 

In the second half of the finale they went on a wild goose chase through LA to the supposed site of a gruesome murder in the Hollywood Hills. They met up with Gretchen’s therapist on the way, who said she was moving to Iowa with her husband and was so proud of all the work Gretchen had done.

It seemed like things were really looking up, especially when they finally got to the murder site. Turns out it was not, in fact, a murder site, and was actually an elaborate proposal planned by Jimmy. 

Gretchen enthusiastically said yes, and it was the happiest she’s been in two seasons. Then, as Jimmy headed back to the car to grab a sweatshirt for them to have sex on, Gretchen excitedly observed that they were a family now. So of course, Jimmy bailed, and Gretchen watched him drive off while they both cried. 

It was another depressing ending for a show that really knows how to leave us wanting to drown our sorrows, but at least we can say Lindsay is definitely better off without Paul (though not in a financial sense), and Edgar’s still got a full-time job doing something he loves. 

The big question is whether Jimmy and Gretchen will be OK. Will they ever actually make it to the altar? Should they? These questions shall haunt us until the show returns to FXX in 2017. 

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