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Movie Review: Bodyguard

Kapil / September 2, 2011,10:14 AM UTC

I will kill that person who will write this type of thing about salman khan & his movie , its totally wrong my dears friends ……watch the movie first then think about the Bodyguard.

ravinder / September 2, 2011,11:41 AM UTC

The reviewer is a FOOL. We are sensible enough to judge the movie.Guys decide yourself whether u want to see the movie or not. Don’t give a shit to these self proclaimed JUDICIARY. THE MOVIE WAS GOOD AND ENTERTAINING. 4 STARS TO THE MOVIE.

ali / September 2, 2011,12:38 PM UTC

It an amazing film, i think the person who writes the review, that person don’t like having fun while watching a movie. amazing romantic and action film and obviously salman jokes and dialouges as well. want to watch it again on sunday, but this time not with friends but with girlfriend.

babu / September 2, 2011,01:15 PM UTC

Mr kumar do you really know,what is entertanement,i do not thing so.Please everybody go watch the movie Bodyguard.

Rithika / September 2, 2011,01:17 PM UTC

The movie is overall a fantastic one, The story is strong. It can be watched several times.. its full paisa wasul movie

rajiv / September 2, 2011,01:43 PM UTC

suckng review it is….m nt a salman fan bt i loved d muvi lyk nythng ntg left to blame ny1 4 d muvi..its completely entretaining n d feel d muvi carried reagrdng d luv stry is memorable one….n evrlastng too….paka paisa vassool film n 4th continuous blockbuster for salman sir….

Minhaj / September 2, 2011,02:34 PM UTC

I think you are half brother of rajeev masand. The movie was totally fantastic. I think you need quick mental attention.

Tauseef / September 2, 2011,02:58 PM UTC

The reviewer seems to be financed from Anti-salman club. “Yeh Review Information kam hai aur ghaseeta zayada hai.” Look for some other career.

MZAIN / September 2, 2011,03:11 PM UTC

The Movie really sucks, thanks for a fair review

vilas / September 2, 2011,03:18 PM UTC

You are donky,no sense… what a graeat movei..i really love it

AiMaN / September 2, 2011,03:29 PM UTC

sallu bhaiiiiiiiiiii cha gye ho ap…

imran malik / September 2, 2011,03:34 PM UTC

salmaan yaaaar aap bohat khubsurat lag rhy ho par teri movei nai mil rhi bodyguard

sonia / September 2, 2011,03:41 PM UTC

wonderful movie, i love you salman khan ji

manu / September 2, 2011,03:53 PM UTC


Rasid / September 2, 2011,03:57 PM UTC

Movie so pathetic. Boring just wasted of time.

shakil / September 2, 2011,04:13 PM UTC

BODYGUARD!!!! SUPERB MOVIE….heart touching love story……family entertainer…… is cool.a must watch..even if u r not a salman fan…watch it once…..u will definitely like it..n if u salman fan then dnt waste time watch it twice n thrice n lots .its a very good movie!!!!!!!11

bodyguard / September 2, 2011,04:13 PM UTC

ekdum correct review hai…..south ki films uthao…thoda bahut change karo….aur logon ko bewkoof banao…salman khan is no more good than this…aur reviewer ko gariyane se kya fayda …honest review hai….taran adarsh ki tarah paisa nahi khilaya gaya hai yahan….

khaja / September 2, 2011,04:17 PM UTC

nee yabba,
what is your problem.If you dont like salman kha then dont write review and get lost
I think you diffidently a big fan of SrK.
Get lost from hear.
BodyGuard Is A Rockerrrrrrrrr

Rajiv / September 2, 2011,04:42 PM UTC

one of the Worst film for sallu, No Action, No Romance, No Comedy, No thiriller, No suspense…WTF….waste of time and money..only salman is good in this film..thats all

Rajiv / September 2, 2011,04:43 PM UTC

one of the Worst film for sallu, No Action, No Romance, No Comedy, No thiriller, No suspense…WTF….waste of time and money..only salman is good in this film..thats all…

deepak / September 2, 2011,04:44 PM UTC


Shahid shaikh / September 2, 2011,04:47 PM UTC

Super movies sallu bhai your are the rock star of bollywood and box office

Salim / September 2, 2011,04:49 PM UTC

Jo log bhi bol rahe hai ki bodyguard achchi picture hai unko dimaag ke operation ki zaroorat hai
Saalon tum log movie producer se paise khaa ke yahaan comment karto ho movie ko promote karne ki, par actual public bohot smart hai..tumhaare yeh marketing skills yahaan nahi chalenge. Doob maro saalon. My verdict is bodyguard is a super duper flop movie! Atleast more than 100 people have told me that aisi bakwaas picture BAN kardeni chahiye!

Akshit / September 2, 2011,05:26 PM UTC

hehehe…I haven’t seen the movie, but from the review that I have here…can easily say that this guy/girl is not a Salman Khan fan
Infact you don’t like Salman Khan…this i don’t consider as review, just a way to tell that you don’t like him
Whatever you tell…irrespective of that, Bodyguard has struck the box office…and is already on a path to break records..No matter meaningless hai, no matter how boring it going to watch it..just to see, how a stupid cum meaningless cum illogical cum baseless script ko hit karaya jaa sakta hai :D …. The movie might suck big time, but we all still love HIM…:)

Sanna3035 / September 2, 2011,06:27 PM UTC

Well, I’m sorry to say that I totally disagree with the reveiwer! I Went to watch this movie last night and totally loved it. And where the cheesy stunts are concerned dats wat bollywood is all about. For example Golmaal 1,2 and 3, Singham and the list carries on. They all have unrealistic stunts get used to them or either not watch indian movies anymore cuz those stunts are wat makes the movies.

Maina / September 2, 2011,06:33 PM UTC

Hey Jyotsna Kumar, you know what i think Jiska naam sahi nahi bo kisi ka Revie thik kese de sakta hai….

Guys i am rally not a fan of salman but after watching this movie i can’t stop my self saying love you salman… of the best movie of SALMAN. JUST WATCH IT…………and you will also say………love you SALMAN.

debojyoti chandra / September 2, 2011,06:48 PM UTC

its all shit said here………..i think u r illiterate…….its s grt film,we all loved it……….don’t talk dose shit……….d music is rcking man………teri meri…….ufffff

rupesh / September 2, 2011,07:24 PM UTC

ekdam ghatiya muvi h……..maine black m ticket leke dekhi bt all in vain
its nt bad bt its worst muvi

sajid cm / September 2, 2011,10:48 PM UTC

bodyguard is a romantic will run 20 years after dilwale dulhaniya le jayega.salman best ever performance.amazing script and good direction.kareena so cute , i couldnt sleep after watching this movie ,my mind is full of body guard.what fantastic,artistic,romantic movie.

Jaipur times / September 2, 2011,11:03 PM UTC

The world is going crazy or what, I anyways dont watch movies, wanted to check the internet about this one. I wouldn’t have seen it however after reading the reviews here…I am going to watch it 100%.
At the end I think people love Salman and he is an actor + business man , who knows how to make money !!

Wait till we watch Ra.One.

rahul / September 2, 2011,11:04 PM UTC

this review is baseless, there is no reality, actully movie is awsome,We are sensible enough to judge the movie…the person who wrote this has no sense…so please dont waste your time to read above…go for a movie its simply great….

Asif shahzad Butt / September 2, 2011,11:14 PM UTC

yar app ki movie bout payari ha per app to us say bi payaray ho jani i love u

Matt / September 2, 2011,11:38 PM UTC

One senseless movie I have seen in the recent times. Is it a movie or a body building show by Salman, they have literally spoiled the original Malayalam version.
For all of the rest comments praising the movie, guys please accept that you are blindly salman fans with no taste for good cinema..Ahem!!!

Sameer / September 2, 2011,11:41 PM UTC

u r a damn idoitic ****head if u thinks likethat about the movie,
its the biggest hit in indian cinema.. count figures

anikar / September 3, 2011,01:47 AM UTC

its not even a movie, never mind a good one. no theme, no story, no script, from start to finish, total crap. the guys who made this crap should be put behind bars.

SHAKEEL / September 3, 2011,02:29 AM UTC


yogesh / September 3, 2011,04:46 AM UTC

kya bakwas chal rahi hai yahan…
U guys love Murder,& all other movies just because they give u licence of porn scenes without any problem..but u never loves a typical hindi ciema type movie, that salman always do… guys please change the mode of thinking..this is the best movie I have ever seen…

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