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Netflix kicks of April Fools early with ‘Netflix Live’ & yes, we’re watching

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While some live videos go viral (looking at you Wookie Mom), most can be less-than-exciting looks in to the everyday lives of regular people at regular companies trying to promote themselves as interesting and edgy. With April Fools’ Day upon us, Netflix decided to poke fun at the wonderful world of live videos with a “Netflix Live” special, which spends 48 minutes focusing in on — nothing in particular.

“Live” from the offices of Netflix, Will Arnett hosts a bland virtual tour of some of the most mundane work spaces.

“Toasters toasting. Grass growing. Fans blowing,” is a tagline that actually oversells how interesting this nonsensical video is. The copy room, the microwave and the occasional thumb war are about as entertaining as watching paint dry, and yet somehow we managed to sit through the whole thing.(We guess that’s the whole point, right?) Yes, even the five minute segment of the parking lot, watching a car repeatedly try and fail to parallel park.

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Half the reason this works is thanks to Arnett’s gravelly bass lending credibility to everything he’s spouting. If we’re being honest, he could be narrating a CSPAN session, and we’d somehow be into it. In fact, who do we talk to, to make that happen?

And since we are now in this mind set, here are a few other totally mundane things we’d burn good daylight watching if Will Arnett where narrating:

A Sean Spicer press conference

Mundane not in its content, but in Spicer’s ability to not answer a question with anything substantive. At this point, his responses are pretty much pre-written: the White House doesn’t know why you’re all worried, everything’s fine! We imagine Will’s narration trailing off into wistful retelling of when he and Melissa McCarthy had an argument over who did a better Bane impression while in a Starbuck’s drive-thru.

TV “Noise”

The classic symbol of the television landscape pre 24-hour programming, TV noise was as annoying as it was oddly soothing. It’s also the portal to the 3rd dimension, if movies are to believed. Unchanging in its randomness, Arnett’s commentary would probably devolve into philosophical thesis statements on the idea of solipsism.

In other words, madness.

A “Flaked” Marathon

In a truly meta move, Will Arnett sits through the entire first season of his Netflix original “Flaked” on loop, on Netflix. In the series, Arnett plays Chip, a longtime resident of the weird, insular world of Venice Beach, CA. A community staple, he’s the go-to guy for advice for many of his neighbors, even though his personal is holding on by a thread.

That is to say, not a lot happens except some expository thinking on life, love, and human relationships. But Arnett’s Batman baritone commenting on Arnett’s Batman baritone would be an ASMR dream come true!

“Netflix Live” is available for streaming on Netflix.

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