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Olympus Stylus SP-100 IHS 16 MP Digital Camera – International…

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Ultra-high magnification zoom lens magnification exceeds 20 times, one of the features of compact digital camera only.
    However, since the magnification is higher, angle of view narrower by that amount, framing fit on the screen a subject in the viewfinder or the rear monitor becomes difficult.
  “OLYMPUS STYLUS SP-100EE (Daburui)” is equipped with a powerful zoom lens of 50 × optical covering the 1200m from the wide-angle 24mm in 35mm format.
    And the world’s first built-in digital camera as the sight of the dot-type site to facilitate framing.
    It likened the eyes of eagle not to miss the game that I aimed, at the end of the product name: “EE means Eagle’s EyeThis version is originally intended for sale outside the US and may contain adapters, manuals, and warranties not compatible with US standards.

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