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‘Outsiders’ Q&A: Christina Jackson is tougher than any Farrell

Christina Jackson on 'Outsiders'

Before the Season 2 premiere of “Outsiders” on WGN America, Screener is taking some time to get to know the characters that make up the Farrell clan and the actors that play them. Follow along as you prepare for the return of Outsiders on Tuesday, Jan. 24 at 9 p.m.

She may not live on Shay Mountain, but there’s no questioning that Sally-Ann (Christina Jackson) is by far one of the strongest characters on “Outsiders” — and with the arrival of Season 2, she’s going to become even more entwined with the show’s plot. As Sally-Ann’s love story with Hasil (Kyle Gallner) unfolded in Season 1, ill-fated or not, fans took note.

In doing so they not only fell in love with the character, but the actress behind her. Jackson, previously seen on shows like “Boardwalk Empire” and “Deception,” gives life to Sally-Ann that few others could, and makes you believe she could surely square off with even Big Foster (David Morse), if she so chose. Before Sally-Ann fires back onto the screen, take a moment and get to know the woman who gives her a soul.

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Given the Farrells preferred method of transportation is via ATVs, how good are you riding a quad?

I actually listened to and watched a lot of the Ruff Ryders (Hip-Hop group) in the early 2000s, so I’d say I’m pretty confident in my nonexistent quad riding abilities.

Would you ever get one of the show’s tattoos permanently inked on you? Which one?

No, but if I ever had to consider it, both Ryan Hurst (Lil Foster) and Kyle Gallner (Hasil) have some really great meaningful ones to pick from.

How long could you survive living with the Farrell Clan?

Let’s say a lifetime.

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If you had to go live on the mountain, what one item would you need to bring with you?

A Generator. Big Foster has one. They obviously have lights and things. Coming from a life of those things being accessible, I’d have to find a way to keep them available to me up on Shay Mountain.

Looking beyond your character, would you side with the town or the mountain?

That’s a really hard question because morally, who has rights to that mountain? The family who’s been living on it for 200 years, or the company who paid a billion dollars for it?

Between tattoos, dirt, blood and everything else, on average how long do you spend in the makeup chair on any given day?

I don’t have to add any of those things so, I’m pretty much in and out of the trailer in less than 30 minutes. Hair is natural, minimal product in it, and make-up is usually simple. Easiest job so far.

Who’s your favorite character to watch, besides your own?

Lady Ray. She was a piece of work, but a great and very much needed character. I’d love to have seen her younger and taking over.

“Outsiders” airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT on WGN, returning for Season 2 on Jan. 24.

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