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Pitbull Opens Up His Friendship With Jennifer Lopez: "She's My

Pitbull and Jennifer Lopez have built a friendship over the years that includes some brilliant collaborations, so when Armando Pérez was asked about working with the “Dance Again” singer he had a lot to say. 

“I always have to find any excuse to collaborate with Jennifer,” the singer said.

“You know how you have the angel and the devil, she’s my angel. She’s always talking to me like, ‘Why are you so wild and lose and off the chain?’ And I say, ‘Well Jennifer this is who I am,'” he said on The Talk. “She absolutely is drop-dead gorgeous and powerful and sophisticated and militant and diligent and a hard worker and that is why Jennifer is Jennifer.”

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Although they share a platonic relationship, the singer still appreciates the singer’s beauty.

“So anytime I am around her, it’s ‘Wow, mama… why you so gorgeous?” he jokingly said. 

But Pitbull also explains that he’s learned about from J.Lo and said, “She opened a lot of doors for someone such as myself, so thank you, Jennifer. She knows, I always tell her when I see her.”

The two collaborated once again on their new single “Sexy Body” which is featured on Pitbull’s new album, Climate Change

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