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Pizza Wars! Gosselin Slams Down On Kate Plus 8

By radio detection and ranging Staff

“I’m sick of your dramatics” Kate Gosselin’s friend Ashley screams at the single mom in a new episode of Kate Plus 8 as a battle looms large, over — of all things, pizza!

The fast food fight gets so heated it leaves the kids in tears as Kate, Ashley and another friend, Jamie, hurl insults at each other.

Jamie playfully taunts Kate that she and the kids have all the pizza and french fries, which tips Kate into a near rage, as she brings up the fact that at the rate the food is being consumed there will be none left for Steve, the bodyguard.

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“Steve wants a piece of pizza right now,” she says. “Hand it over. You guys can eat salads. Give him his pizza. That was rude.”

Kate’s pals relent and hand the last slice to Maddy to hand to Steve. And that’s when all hell really breaks loose!

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Germ-hating Kate is livid that her friends gave an unwrapped piece of pizza to a kid with dirty hands to pass to Steve, and lets them know as much in no uncertain terms.

Finally, Ashley puts her foot down vowing: “I am more than happy to leave if you’re gonna act like this.”

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As previously reported, Kate’s reality show was canceled by the TLC network last week and her ex-husband Jon Gosselin told radio detection and he was “relieved” that his children would no longer be on television.  Kate Plus 8 airs Mondays on TLC at 9/8c and the countdown has begun for the last show on September 12.


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