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‘PLL’ ReWatch: ‘A’ starts one of her most twisted games in ‘Salt Meets Wound’

With only 10 episodes left — and six months before they premiere — Screener takes a look back through the twisty mysteries and tangled lives of everyone’s favorite “Pretty Little Liars.” So join us daily as we revisit Rosewood of old. The entire series is streaming on Netflix — re-watch with us!

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Up next: Season 1, episode 12, “Salt Meets Wound,” aired Jan. 10, 2011.

What we thought then …

Both Noel (Brant Daugherty) and Toby (Keegan Allen) are looking mighty suspicious, what with Alison’s (Sasha Pieterse) blood confirmed to match the blood found on Toby’s sweater and Noel just being a general creep who may or may not have run Hanna (Ashley Benson) over with a car.

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There’s also a couple classic Alison flashbacks, one where she purposely breaks up Noel and some girl and another where Spencer (Troian Bellisario) questions why Ali was in Hilton Head, SC, when she was supposed to be visiting her sick grandma in Georgia, a trip Ali returned from on the day she disappeared.

The Hilton Head flashback really puts Spencer’s neurons into overdrive, but it’s the party flashback that is quintessential Alison.

pretty little liars salt meets wound alison flashback PLL ReWatch: A starts one of her most twisted games in Salt Meets Wound

What we know now …

Toby is 100 percent innocent, while Noel is … a blackmailing, sorority girl-pushing jerk, but innocent of being “A” (at this point).

Meanwhile, the Alison Hilton Head lie is in regards to Ian (Ryan Merriman) and Melissa (Torrey DeVitto). Ali was at Hilton Head with Ian and when Melissa arrived, Ali stole the NAT videos and skedaddled — dressed as her alter ego Vivian Darkbloom, naturally.

Hindsight hilarity …

It is not at all hilarious, but it is interesting to watch Emily’s (Shay Mitchell) parents’ reaction to Maya (Bianca Lawson) coming over for dinner. Emily’s dad (Eric Steinberg) is so great and her mom (Nia Peeples) is just heartbreaking and sad. Also, every time Emily’s dad is awesome we get sad again about how he’s dead now. Out of all the “PLL” parents, losing him hurts more than losing most others would.

Creepiest dude award goes to …

pretty little liars salt meets wound brant daugherty PLL ReWatch: A starts one of her most twisted games in Salt Meets Wound

Definitely Noel. He went from “concerned friend” to “blackmailing tool” in about 4.8 seconds. While Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra’s (Ian Harding) relationship is still not OK and kinda gross, Noel shouldn’t be using it to blackmail Mr. Fitz for a better grade. If you care so much, rat them out. Don’t be a jerk.

Best ‘A’ message …

pretty little liars salt meets wound a message PLL ReWatch: A starts one of her most twisted games in Salt Meets Wound

Poor Hanna and her mom (Laura Leighton) get their lasagna money stolen and thus begins one of “A’s” most twisted games — making Hanna do terrible things in order to get the money back, one $100 bill at a time. It’s awful, but also a total Mona thing to do.

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