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Sam Neill May Be in 'Thor: Ragnarok' for 'Jurassic Park' Reunion, Says Alan…

While promoting the home video release of Hunt for the Wilderpeople, actor Sam Neill revealed that he’s already reunited with filmmaker Taika Waititi on Thor: Ragnarok. “I’m not really allowed to say this, and I can’t tell you what it is,” he says in an interview with UK magazine ShortList (via Entertainment Weekly). “I did a couple of days on Thor just before I came over here. But I had to sign all sorts of things that if I say anything else, Marvel’s secret agents — and they are lethal — will come and get me and probably my children, as well.”

Later, somewhat backtracking, Neill took to Twitter to say, “Let’s clear up this Thor: Ragnarok thing: I was there, but am I actually in it? Or on it? Seems like worlds away now. Light years…” But just paying a visit to the set wouldn’t have warranted his comments about how he’s not supposed to be revealing he was there, so the follow-up does appear to be some kind of spin to maintain a secret. 

This news means the Thor sequel is a Jurassic Park reunion, as the Marvel movie also features Jeff Goldblum in the role of The Grandmaster. Whether they have scenes together, which would be the first time since that first Jurassic film in 1993, is unknown at this point. Still, the fact that both actors are in the same movie is a pretty big deal. Hopefully Samuel L. Jackson will do another MCU appearance to make it a three-person reunion. It’s probably too much to ask to loop in Laura Dern, too, though.  

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As for the Jurassic franchise, Neill does not sound like he’ll be returning to those movies anytime soon for a proper reunion. While Goldblum has seemed open to the idea of re-joining as Dr. Ian Malcolm for Jurassic World 2, Neill’s Dr. Alan Grant may not even be available. The actor told ShortList regarding his character, “The call hasn’t come. And no one can find Grant. He’s disappeared. Someone found his hat. His hat was floating on the Hudson River. But that was the last that was ever heard of him.”

Joking aside, Neill does seem fairly certain there are only a few fates that Grant, who was last seen in Jurassic Park III, may have come by:

The problem is that no one knows where Alan Grant is anymore. I think he’s retired from paleontology. He’s sick to death of dinosaurs and running. He’s not quite as fleet of foot as he was, and he’s now retired to Dayton, Ohio, and he has a very successful accountancy business. 

I think that’s what’s happened. Either that or he’s dead. 

How do you recover from all that stuff? I don’t think there are therapists that are trained to deal with kind of post-dino stuff. Accountancy would be one way. 

Watch the full ShortList interview with Neill below. Hunt for the Wilderpeople hits video on October 7. Thor: Ragnarok is out on November 3, 2017.  

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