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Shocking Details! Blake Shelton’s Mistress Cady Groves Tells All After Miranda Lambert Split — What REALLY Happened!

Fans were shocked weeks ago when one of country music’s most beloved couples, Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert, announced that they were divorcing. Now, Shelton’s alleged mistress Cady Groves is speaking out about what really went on between her, Shelton, and Lambert.

“Their marriage was over a long time ago,” Groves told In Touch Magazine, which called the once up and coming country music singer “emotionally fragile” and “volatile.” “If people knew what really happened, the world would explode,” Groves added.

Groves and Shelton allegedly began their affair back in August 2011 — just three months after he married Lambert — when Groves invited him to film a cameo for her music video following a string of back and forth messages on Twitter. “She told us that she had sex with him and said they did that for at least a year,” a friend of Groves told In Touch. “Blake broke her heart.”

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But while she does not deny having an affair with Shelton, Groves finds it unfair that people have pointed to her as the cause for the couple’s demise. “This is too much, I’m going to have a nervous breakdown,” she said. “Blake and Miranda are letting me take all the bullets. It’s wrong.”

As radio detection and reported exclusively, Groves’ brother has blamed the affair for ruining the singer’s once-promising career, saying, “She lost her record deal… She lost an album she spent years on.”

Still, after all that has happened, Groves still cares for Shelton, sending several heartsick tweets following the divorce announcement, including one that said, “I never quit loving you — you just ran.”

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Regarding Lambert, who had long-standing trust issues with Shelton, Groves says that she never intended to hurt her. “I love Miranda,” she said. “Miranda and I became friends when I was 21.” However, according to an insider, this supposed friendship did not prevent Groves from lying to Lambert about the affair. “When you love someone, it doesn’t matter if they run over your heart with a truck and shoot you in the face — you forgive them. I want to lie to protect him,” Groves confessed.

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