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Thanks to MTV’s slip-up, we’ve figured out every single ‘AYTO?’ perfect match

Oopsy-daisy! Perhaps MTV was just so excited to reveal the first look at their newest spin-off series, “Are You the One? All-Stars,” they forgot to double-check for spoilers. Oddly, the network decided to run the ad during episode eight (Mar. 1) of of the currently still-running Season 5 — and for fans who don’t fast forward through commercials, a perfect match was prematurely revealed.

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The promo for “All-Stars,” which premieres March 22, shows Carolina and Joey are a perfect match. Now, the Truth Booth reveals this during episode 8 — but the ad aired within the first 10 minutes of the episode, making the always drawn-out journey to that conclusion a ridiculous waste of time.

But the season-spoiling promo didn’t stop there! Since each couple competing on “All-Stars” are show-official “perfect matches” — not the “no-match but we’re meant to be together anyways” couples Season 5 is jammed full of — revealing Casandra and Andre as a team on the spin-off now gives us enough information to figure out all 11 perfect matches of Season 5.

derrick  ayto  season 5 Thanks to MTVs slip up, weve figured out every single AYTO? perfect match

It wasn’t until this last bit of information was leaked that it was mathematically possible to figure these pairings. However, in episode 9 — fed up like all of us with the no-match couples refusing to get to know anyone else — Derrick steps up to try and play this game strategically.

And we give him mad props — figuring out these perfect matches using the science of probability is no easy feat! We’ve been trying to do it all season, and each time we find ourselves pouring a glass of wine in defeat by the end.

But on Wednesday night (Mar. 8), Derrick convinces everyone in the house that he’s figured it all out — and that if they all go with his mathematical strategy, the money is theirs. The cast is feeling so confident, for the first time they trade in finding out if Tyranny and Derrick are a perfect match, for an extra $150,000 to be added to the grand prize bank account. Which is actually a good move either way, because even they know those two logistically can’t actually be a match.

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During the matching ceremony, we expect host Ryan Devlin to get upset: They’re doing the opposite of everything he preaches. This is not letting your heart lead, and this is not putting yourself out there. Most of the cast are following the advice of Selena Gomez, not Devlin.

selena gomez gif Thanks to MTVs slip up, weve figured out every single AYTO? perfect match

The cast of Season 5 are now busting out a chalkboard, lining up these matches using math — and when Devlin confronts Derrick about it, he explains that while the no-matches continue to isolate themselves, the show’s entire premise is null and void.

And Derrick’s strategy seems to be working. Nine perfect matches are found. Which means only two couples remain unknown… Right?


Shannon, who can’t pick her designated perfect match because she’s too head over heels for Tyler, refuses to call up Derrick during the ceremony. The house gets irate for doing the exact opposite of what she agreed to beforehand, but Shannon remains strong in her conviction that Derrick’s match-ups may not be 100 percent correct.

And guess what? She’s 100 percent correct.

omg  ayto  season 5  Thanks to MTVs slip up, weve figured out every single AYTO? perfect match

The fact that this is how it all plays out is devastating: Even though we threw in the towel on Season 5 ever finding all 11 matches weeks ago, we’re now almost positive that they won’t. And here’s why.

At this point in the game, Derrick did not have enough information to figure out all 11 matches — so from the get-go, we knew there had to be a glitch somewhere. Without the “All Stars” spoiler information, there was still room for error. But they’re so high from their record nine perfect matches, already dreaming what they’ll buy with their portion of the prize money, we fear the cast won’t stop and figure that out. And with Shannon going rogue, they’re probably going to think all they have to do is reverse two of the matches and they’re golden.

perfect match  are you the one   sesaon 5 Thanks to MTVs slip up, weve figured out every single AYTO? perfect match

Le sigh. Little do they know, Hannah and Joey are not a perfect match. And that throws everything else off.

You were so close, Season 5! So close. But that tiny glitch may prove your Achilles heel in the season finale.

For those who don’t want the season spoiled, we understand. We’d never revel this information if it weren’t already out there. We actually wish that “All-Star” promo never aired — but it did.

And while fans are split on using math to figure this all out, we love that challenge. So for those who would like to remain in the dark, this is your warning that it’s not longer safe to keep reading.

For those who can’t wait for clarification, proceed. And if you want to see how mathematically it all shakes out, check out the awesome series fan blog here.

The Season 5 perfect matches are:

  • Kam & Eddie
  • Carolina & Hayden
  • Taylor & Osvaldo
  • Alicia & Mike
  • Tyranny & Jaylan
  • Gianna & Ozzy
  • Kari & Michael
  • Casandra & Derrick
  • Hannah & Tyler
  • Kathryn & Andre
  • Shannon & Joey

Isn’t that romantic?

The “Are You the One?” Season 5 finale airs Wednesday, March 15, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on MTV.

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