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That Avengers Endgame Captain America idea would not work

While Joe and Anthony Russo’s Avengers: Endgame was a near-perfect finish to the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s Infinity Saga, that does not imply 2019’s superhero sequel wasn’t fully with out its issues.

Leaving some Thanos-sized questions, the film’s remaining act concerned some timeline trickery that even Hank Pym would battle to get his head round. It was all going so effectively till Steve Rogers determined to bow out in type, and royally screw with the timelines by staying up to now.

Endgame‘s heartwarming ending noticed Old Man Cap return to the current (effectively, future) and hand over the Captain America mantle to Anthony Mackie’s Falcon. Rogers was seen residing out his excellent life with Peggy Carter, nevertheless it appears Steve’s swansong raised extra questions than solutions.

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Thankfully, the Russo brothers waded in on the entire debacle. Joe Russo advised Cap’s new life happened in a “branched reality”, whereas Anthony stated a lot of the identical as he implied “our” Steve lives in an alternate timeline with ANOTHER frozen model of himself, doubtlessly utilizing Pym Particles to come back again to the principle timeline.

Only not too long ago, Endgame co-writer Christopher Markus threw a spanner within the works when he appeared to substantiate a long-running Cap fan idea that makes the entire thing extra complicated.

Hardcore MCU followers have held onto hope that Old Man Cap was the aged man serving to carry Peggy’s coffin again in Captain America: Civil War.

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Considering younger Steve was there on the entrance of Peggy’s funeral, it appears a little bit suspect that somebody as well-versed on the world as Captain America did not spot an aged model of himself as a fellow pallbearer.

The concept that Earth-199999 (principal MCU continuity) Captain America existed alongside his future counterpart for all these years requires suspending some critical disbelief.

It was no secret that Peggy married after Cap went into the ice, however to be truthful to her, she all the time thought he was useless. The Old Man Cap idea maintains that Mr Carter is none aside from Steve himself. It’s a pleasant thought that might technically work.

In Captain America: The Winter Soldier, Peggy defined how Steve saved her future husband from a HYDRA blockade in 1945, resulting in the emotional line of, “Even after he died, Steve was still changing my life.”

It’s a intelligent twist contemplating the Russos directed The Winter Soldier alongside Markus and Stephen McFeely writing, nevertheless it’s one that does not fairly work when dissecting Endgame‘s consequence.

The id of Peggy’s husband was speculated to turn into a storyline within the MCU’s Agent Carter collection. Speaking at 2014’s Comic-Con International, present producer Michele Fazekas informed the crowds (by way of CBR): “We’re aware that’s a question that people are going to ask, and we will certainly hint at different options.”

Sadly, Agent Carter was cancelled earlier than Fazekas may give a solution, which makes the id of Peggy’s husband within the spin-off present an ongoing thriller.

Hayley Atwell in ABC's Agent Carter

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Elsewhere, fellow Endgame author McFeely weighed in on the thought of Peggy’s two kids, suggesting that Old Man Cap was their father. McFeely defined: “It was always our intention that he was the father of those two children. But again, there are time travel loopholes for that.”

When taking a look at it, Steve being a part of the Earth-199999 timeline makes the complete plot of The Winter Soldier and past an ethical minefield.

Are audiences actually speculated to imagine a noble hero like Cap would let HYDRA infiltrate SHIELD because the likes of Brock Rumlow, Alexander Pierce and Jasper Sitwell ran amok? There are apparent Butterfly Effect implications, however Captain America would by no means let terrorists take over the world simply so he can stay a quiet life with…

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