The American President

The American President

The stage is set for political disaster when the president of the united states begins dating an attractive lobbyist giving his detractors ammunition to orchestrate his fall. Studio: Warner Home Video Release Date: 10/28/2008 Starring: Michael Douglas Ricahrd Dreyfuss Run time: 114 minutes Rating: Pg13What sounds like a high-concept romantic comedy pitch from hell–widower president falls for smart lobbyist while the world watches–is actually intelligent, charming, touching, and quite funny. Granted, it’s wish fulfillment all the way (when was the last time you saw a president who was truly presidential?), but in the capable hands of writer Aaron Sorkin (TV’s Sports Night) and director Rob Reiner, The American President is incredibly enjoyable entertainment with quite a few ideas about both romance and the government. Michael Douglas stars as the president, who after three years in office starts thinking about the possibility of dating. When he auspiciously encounters cutthroat e

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Gia (Unrated Edition)

Gia Carangi is a New York supermodel who can have any man, or any woman, she wants. But being loved by the world, isn’t the same as being loved by oneThere’s a reason why Cindy Crawford was dubbed “Baby Gia” when she first hit the modeling scene. Indeed, Crawford, now the world’s best-known supermodel, greatly resembled model Gia Carangi, who went from high school to the cover of British Vogue in less than two years. Carangi appeared on many more covers of Vogue (French, British, Italian, and American) and Cosmopolitan before dying of complications from AIDS (she was an IV heroin user) in 1986. Now most people recognize Carangi’s name from this powerful HBO film that stars Golden Globe-winner Angelina Jolie, who comes by her talent honestly. Jolie is the daughter of veteran actor Jon Voight, and her own training as a model serves her well–she has the moves. Throughout, she’s heartbreaking–as no doubt the real Carangi was–effective, and stunning. With good source material (Stephen

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4 thoughts on “The American President

  1. Review by David E. Hill for Gia (Unrated Edition)
    This is a terrific movie and I was thrilled to see Angelina Jolie playing this part, (I first saw her in Hackers). But in case you don’t know this, the DVD is missing 6 minutes of the movie. the only way to have the extra 6 minutes is to have gotten the original release on VHS (or recorded in from HBO). After Angelina became more popular, 6 minutes of her nude scenes were deleted from later re-releases of the movie including this DVD. But it still is a good movie.

  2. Review by John W. Kennedy for The American President
    This movie has long been my favorite. By the way if you’re scanning this to figure out why I only gave this film four stars, it’s because of the DVD format. No special features whatsoever. Hey Rob! Climb down off your wallet and do a commentary with Aaron. Annette, Michael, hows about a little interview or perhaps another commentary. Delete Scenes? Outtakes? I want to see Michael Douglas trip over the phrase “Upper Bi-cuspid Region.” ::Climbs down off his soap box::

    The title of my review says it all in a nutshell. If you’re looking for Air Force One, Executive Decision or Thirteen Days, the buck does not stop here. This movie is a fairy tale. Think Ivan Reitman’s “Dave.” That movie starts with the Subtitle “Once Upon a Time.” Exactly. It’s Boy meets girl on a grand scale. It doesn’t matter that President Andrew Shepherd is a Democrat, and Bob Rumsom (By the way, can you imagine “President Rumson?” Ick.) is a Republican. Rumson is the Antagonist (all good movies have one) period.

    Richard Dreyfuss plays an exquisitely delicious villan, using President Shephard’s new found love of Sydney Ellen Wade, for his own political gain.

    Martin Sheen as Chief of Staff AJ MacInerney, now best known as President Josiah Bartlet on the West Wing, seems to be a fore-runner for the President Bartlet’s own COS Leo McGarry (After all Aaron Sorkin [who is GOD] did write this movie and the series West Wing). Sheen is brilliant as Douglas’ conscience and confidant.

    Michael J Fox’ character, Lewis Rothschild, and David Paymer’s Leon Kodak, are Shephard’s Prism. They show Shephard in Black and White, with no punches pulled, where he’s at, where he’s going and how to get there.

    The other characters, while having lessor roles, are written and performed flawlessly, especially Wendie Mallick, Samantha Mathis, Josh Malina, and Anna Deavere Smith– the last two of whom are also West Wing Alums. Lastly John Mahoney, always the consumate actor round out this amazing cast with a stellar performance of the secondary or quasi-antagonist.

    Buy this movie with no political Axe to grind. Buy this movie without your reality blinders on– Yes, I know it’s a ridiculous premise, but so is the guy in a white suit with the crewcut sitting on a bench, and look what Zemekis got out of that one. It’s a FAIRY TALE. It’s FICTION. IT’S A MOVIE. Relax. Enjoy the film.

  3. Review by for The American President
    This is a charming film with good performances. It reads like a precursor to Aaron Sorkin’s “West Wing,” except Martin Sheen is the best friend in this one. Michael Douglas is president.HOWEVER, the DVD transfer on this disc is fairly notorious on DVD review sites as being one of the worst ever created. You would be doing yourself a disservice by buying this disc. Get the VHS tape or wait for a new edition on DVD.

  4. Review by for The American President
    Everyone knows this is a terrific movie! Those of us who are also DVD fans have waited a couple of years for this to appear on DVD. What a let down!! Rob, where are you man!!!This a poor transfer with lots of artifacts and someone trying too hard to sharpen the image. To make matters worse this disc has very limited extras. Ok, it’s out so let’s move to the “collector’s edition” so Warner can get a few more bucks and we can get a disc more worthy of this great movie!!

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