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‘The Irishman’ First Reactions Call Martin Scorsese Epic a

Netflix’s “The Irishman” held its first press and business screening on the 2019 New York Film Festival forward of Friday night time’s official world premiere screening. The response so removed from critics and journalists has been overwhelmingly optimistic with some calling the three-and-a-half hour Martin Scorsese epic a “masterpiece.”

“It’s a masterpiece. Period,” stated I Am New York’s editor-in-chief Robert Levin.

Awards Daily’s Sasha Stone additionally referred to as it a masterpiece and added, “It’s a film only Martin Scorsese could make and a film unlike anything Scorsese has made.”

Slashfilm’s Chris Evangelista stated, “THE IRISHMAN is a masterwork. Funny, epic, and most of all, melancholy. It’s Scorsese confronting aging, legacies, and mortality.”

The movie’s three-and-a-half hour runtime doesn’t appear to be a problem as Chicago based mostly Film Critic Robert Daniels stated the movie is nicely paced.

Indiewrie Executive Editor Eric Kohn added, “It’s not ‘slow.’ It often moves like lightening & elsewhere it’s downright Bressonian.”

In phrases of performances, Indiewire’s Senior Film Critic David Elrich stated the “performances are killer.”

Collider’s Perri Nemiroff referred to as it a triumph for longtime Scorsese editor Thelma Schoonmaker.

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