‘The Leftovers’ Emily Meade teases sexual tension with Justin

emily-meade-the-leftovers.jpgIf you caught the series premiere of HBO’s new rapture themed series
“The Leftovers,” you more than likely have a ton of questions while you eagerly await episode 2. While the
pilot had many memorable moments, one of the most exciting was everything having to do with Chief Garvey’s daughter, Jill (Margaret Qualley) and her partner in crime and best friend, Aimee. 

Zap2it got a chance to speak with Emily Meade, who plays Aimee in the series about everything “Leftovers” including, what’s to come on the exciting new show, possible

sexual tension with Justin Theroux, and that racy spin the bottle scene.

Even though it might appear Aimee is the rebellious, sexy “Leftover” to watch, based on her being more than willing to jump in the sack when requested by the app, Meade tells us there is more to Aimee than meets the eye, “I had a conversation with Damon (Lindelof) where I said, ‘I don’t want to be the girl you tune in to see her boobs every week. I had no interest in that. I wasn’t sure if her character was just supposed to be like the sexual part of the show and kind of one-noted. Surprisingly he gave me his word that wasn’t it and to trust him, so I did.”

Not only is she not just eye candy on the show, viewers can look forward to Aimee being a stable rock during Jill’s increasing rebellion, “Aimee’s character takes on more of a maternal feeling towards Jill, who is definitely heading in a more rebellious direction. I think Aimee’s already lived out her rebellion and she’s not looking to push the limits in the same way that Jill is. The more she sees Jill getting more rebellious, the more protective she gets over Jill,” the actress says.

In the pilot episode, Aimee seems to really enjoy spending family time with the Garvey’s, and in future episodes Meade says her character becomes a grounding force for the people dealing with loss, “Already her mom was gone before the rapture and she’s been living with her step father who is abusive in one way or another. I think Aimee has already dealt with a lot of loss and having to accept lack of control and lack of safety,” she explains. “Acceptance is something she has been dealing with from a young age. So she is effected by the rapture very differently than everybody else. She’s already had to accept the unknown and feeling alone and unprotected in the world, where as everybody else is having their world changed in the present time. She still is really craving that family. But in a weird way she’s getting that a lot more than before the rapture, because she does kind of start to become a part of the Garvey family.”

Even though Mr. Garvey is like family to Aimee, know that you are not alone if you sensed some serious sexual tension between Kevin (Justin Theroux) and his daughter’s best friend. Although Meade couldn’t reveal what, if anything, transpires between the two, she did assure us it “isn’t crazy” to think there is some serious heat between the two. 

In the remaining episodes, viewers can look forward to getting to see a story that taps into a fear felt by every individual, “I think everybody has been afraid of in one way or the other of the end of the world or just that complete lack of control. There’s that part of it that’s really horrifying and then there’s that part of it that’s sort of romantic and exciting, ” Meade shares. “It’s even scarier in its own way because it is more subtle, instead of everyone being gone all at once in fire or a crazy wave, people are disappearing one at a time. It happening as kind of a slow burn is really scary, but I think that people like getting to watch that and to not personally be going through it, but being able to go through those emotions and being able to be a voyeur inside that world.”

“The Leftovers” airs on Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on HBO.

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