Silent Hill: Revelation

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Pyramid Head, the Butcher, the Nurses… these are just a few of the monsters in the upcoming “Silent Hill: Revelation 3D” that leave us saying “WTF!

The demented creatures from the long-running video game series are ready to send a collective shiver down audience’s spines this weekend; you may think that moviegoers are braced for anything, but horror cinema has proven that it will always find new ways to be freakishly weird. In fact, since the dawn of filmmaking, special effects wizards have been coming up with new twists on everything — from aliens to vampires to circus folk — that leaves crowds shrieking “Ah, what the &$ #% is that?!

To get in the expletive-spouting mood, Moviefone looks at the 35 most WTF monsters in movie history, from gory monstrosities to golden age nightmares. (Warning: NSFW)

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  • 35. The Freddy Krueger Snake from ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: The Dream Warriors’

    Teenagers: the other <em>other</em> white meat

  • 34. The Tarman from ‘Return of the Living Dead’

    Keep him off the carpet!

  • 33. The Teenage Frankenstein

    Puberty’s a drag.

  • 32. The Crate Monster from ‘Creepshow’

    Unfortunately, this still doesn’t qualify for an annulment.

  • 31. Rawhead Rex

    Well that seemed a tad excessive.

  • 30. The Killer Klowns from Outer Space

    (<em>shudder</em>) Clowns…

  • 29. The C.H.U.D.

    Maybe next time you’ll knock!

  • 28. Aylmer from ‘Brain Damage’

    If you’ve never seen this movie, there is literally <em>nothing</em> we can say that will help explain this.

  • 27. The Vomit… Thing from ‘Poltergeist 2’

    <em>Check please! </em>

  • 26. Dan Akroyd from ‘Twilight Zone: The Movie’

    You want to see something really scary? It’s the script for a Bill Murray-less “Ghostbusters 3.”

  • 25. The Creature From the Black Lagoon

    Scaring people away from the water before that punk kid “Jaws” ever came around.

  • 24. Burnt Chucky from ‘Child’s Play’

    Cause the only thing missing from a voodoo-powered, homicidal maniac was <em>fire</em>.

  • 23. Pluto from ‘The Hills Have Eyes’

    Confirming once and for all that scenic road trips are for chumps.

  • 22. The Zombie Baby from ‘Dead Alive’

    They grow up so fast!

  • 21. The Metal Fetishist from ‘Tetsuo, the Iron Man’

    You think she’d take the hint that he’s not interested.

  • 20. The Graboids from ‘Tremors’

    When even the worms get this big, it’s time to admit America has an obesity problem.

  • 19. Lon Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera

    That’s a face only a mother could love.

  • 18. The Blob (1988 version)

    It’s still not the most unsanitary thing in a diner kitchen.

  • 17. Lady Sylvia Marsh from ‘Lair of the White Worm’

    Could we offer you a Tic-Tac?

  • 16. Belial from ‘Basket Case’

    It’s a long story…

  • 15. Dr. Carl Hill from ‘Re-Animator’

    This is the only image from this movie that we can show you.

  • 14. Pumpkinhead

    We were expecting something a lot more… <em>orange</em>.

  • 13. Gunther from ‘The Funhouse’

    On second thought, keep the mask on…

  • 12. The Aliens from ‘They Live’

    <em>It’s a metaphor for society, man! </em>

  • 11. The Mystery Man from ‘Lost Highway’

    [<em>sarcasm mode enabled</em>] We didn’t think Robert Blake could pull off the concept of “creepy.” [<em>sarcasm mode disabled</em>]

  • 10. Nazi Mutants in ‘American Werewolf in London’

    This is why you shouldn’t eat spicy food before going to bed.

  • 9. The Pale Man from ‘Pan’s Labyrinth’

    He probably should have had a doctor look at that.

  • 8. Leatherface from ‘Texas Chainsaw Massacre’

    So that’s what they mean when they say “Don’t Mess With Texas.”

  • 7. Pennywise the Clown from ‘It’


  • 6. Brundlefly from ‘The Fly’ (1986 version)

    <strike> <em>Check please! </em></strike> <em>That’s gonna leave a mark! </em>

  • 5. Regan from ‘The Exorcist’

    (<em>shakes head</em>) These kids today…

  • 4. Pinhead & the Cenobites from ‘Hellraiser’

    You might want to put some hydrogen peroxide on that before it gets infected.

  • 3. Nosferatu

    He has his mother’s eyes.

  • 2. The Thing (1982 version)

    Must have been something he ate.

  • 1. The Xenomorph from ‘Alien’

    Dear H.R. Giger, Thanks for imagining the most terrifying thing in the universe. Signed, Everybody.