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Today in Movie Culture: Celebrate Earth Day with Jared Leto, Edward Norton, Captain Planet and More

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for Earth Day-themed movie culture:

Here’s future Joker, current WWF Global Ambassador and figurative wooly mammoth Jared Leto urging you to support the World Wildlife Fund on Earth Day with a generous donation:

Edward Norton also posted an Earth Day message after taking the Google Doodle quiz urging you to donate to his own chosen charity:

See Earth from above in Astronaut, a 2014 short produced by time-lapse filmmaker Guillaume Juin using photos taken from the International Space Station:

Watch a supercut of people defending Earth against aliens, including clips from Independence Day, Edge of Tomorrow and more:

Now watch a countdown of the best movies warning us of environmental disaster, including Interstellar and Wall-E:

There aren’t a lot of fiction films that reference Earth Day, but the teen movie Easy A is one of them:

A few years ago, some students promoted Earth Day at their high school with this Ferris Bueller’s Day Off parody:

Every holiday needs a horror movie named after it. Here’s a fake trailer for one titled Earth Day using dolls:

Earth Day is always a good occasion to repost the Captain Planet movie sketch starring a foul-mouthed Don Cheadle:

Six years ago today, Disney released the documentary simply titled Earth, which kicked off the Disneynature label and an Earth Day tradition in America. Watch the original trailer:

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