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Today in Movie Culture: Tom Cruise Falls Into 'Star Wars' and Other Movies, History V…

Here are a bunch of little bites to satisfy your hunger for movie culture:

Mashup of the Day: 

Watch Tom Cruise fall from Vanilla Sky through various other movies, including Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the ClonesHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban and Furious 7:

[embedded content]

Actor in the Spotlight:

How much do you know about John Wick: Chapter 2 star Keanu Reeves? Test your knowledge against this trivia-filled video by ScreenCrush:

[embedded content]

Movie Comparison of the Day:

Speaking of John Wick, Couch Tomato shows 24 reasons it’s basically the same movie as The Equalizer:

[embedded content]

History Lesson of the Day:

Cracked goes through the history of Batman movies and TV series and discusses how they represent real world history of the past half century: 

[embedded content]

Alternate Movie Posters of the Day:

Mondo’s new prints for Green Room, inspired by the Black Flag logo, and Big Trouble in Little China are amazing:

Movie Science of the Day:

Could the Mystery Science Theater 3000 logo really be written on the moon and be seen from Earth? Yes, and Kyle Hill explains how: 

[embedded content]

Filmmaker in Focus:

For Fandor Keyframe, LJ Frezza showcases Yorgos Lanthimos’s focus on authoritarian personalities:

[embedded content]

Supercut of the Day:

Candice Drouet isolates all the violent moments of The Godfather trilogy in this video and it’s surprisingly less than five minutes long: 

[embedded content]

Film Studies Lesson of the Day:

Now You See It looks at the film noir genre as a case for black and white filmmaking: 

[embedded content]

Classic Trailer of the Day:

Today is the 10th anniversary of the release of Norbit. Watch the original trailer for the Oscar-nominated comedy below.  

[embedded content]

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