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Ukrainian Pianist Daughters Double Murder: Cause Of Death Revealed

Nearly a month after the gruesome murders of a Ukrainian pianist’s two daughters, the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office has finally determined the girls’ cause of death, radio detection and has learned.

On March 17, Vadym Kholodenkov‘s daughters Nika, 5, and Michela, were found dead in their Benbrook, Texas home. The pianist called 911 after he discovered estranged wife Sofya Tsygankova shaking and covered in blood, according to Tsygankova’s arrest affidavit.

The girls’ death was ruled “homicidal violence, pending investigation,” a spokesperson for the Tarrant County Medical Examiner’s Office told radio detection and ranging today.

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While the cause of death has been determined, officials are still investigation the incident and are waiting on additional testing results, the spokesperson said.

As radio detection and ranging previously reported, the alleged double murder shocked the nation, partially because of the grizzly crime scene.

“Officer Wallace noticed a child lying on the master bedroom bed. The child was later identified as Michela Kholodenko…Michela was lying on her back, and there was a light colored fluid running out of her mouth. Officer Wallace checked the child for a pulse and was unable to locate one,” the document said. “Michela was very cold to the touch and appeared to have signs of rigor mortis. Michela was fully dressed.”

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In the master bedroom, Michela was found with a matching brown pillow “partially resting on her head,” the document stated. Wallace then checked the other bedroom and discovered Nika, who was dressed in a striped onesie, dead as well. Next to her the officer found a brown pillow with a small stain.

Tsygankova has been charged with the girls’ murder, but pleaded not guilty. She’s currently being held on $ 2 million bond.

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