‘Upside Down’ Trailer: Kirsten Dunst, Jim Sturgess Turn

Here’s how the pitch meeting for ‘Upside Down’ probably went: “Let’s take ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and flip it on its head. Literally.” Viola! There’s your movie.

The Jim Sturgess and Kirsten Dunst-led sci-fi flick imagines the pair as star-crossed lovers who come from such opposite worlds that their gravitational pull is actually reversed. So much for subtlety!

Ignoring the scientifically shaky premise, the trailer looks pretty OK. Sturgess infiltrates the world of the ceiling-dwellers (there’s a term for this, right?) and becomes Public Enemy No. 1 in both gravity-warring worlds.

Here’s what ‘Upside Down’ has going for it: the irrefutable likability of both Dunst and Sturgess. Clever casting! But despite their best efforts, at least from the trailer, this one could be silly. (Also, the trailer’s in French so bonne chance!)

‘Upside Down’ doesn’t have a specific release date; will hit theaters sometime later this year.

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