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WAGS Miami Recap: Darnell Nicole Reaches a Breaking Point in Her Relationship and No Longer Bel…

Fairy tales don’t always come true—especially in the WAGS world.

Darnell Nicole reached a breaking point with fiancé Reshad Jones on Sunday’s WAGS Miami after she didn’t feel he was being supportive of her career ambitions. The tension caused a major divide in their relationship and made her question where they were headed. “Little girls grow up thinking that getting a ring leads to happily ever after, but right now I really don’t believe in happily ever after anymore,” she confessed.

Meanwhile, it looked like Darnell’s best friend, Ashley Nicole Roberts, finally had an engagement in her future after years of pressuring and waiting for boyfriend Philip Wheeler to propose. “We wouldn’t have these problems if you would just put a ring on it,” Ashley told him. “I don’t know what you waiting on.” Well, it looks like that wait is almost over!

Recap the episode with these seven must-see moments:

1. Darnell decided to focus on her career: Darnell met up with her friend, Alexis Major, who encouraged her to start fulfilling her goals outside of her relationship. So, she made plans to reignite her passion for fashion and Alexis promised to help her. “I’ve always taken care of myself,” Darnell said. “I’ve never depended on anyone and I go from that situation to I have to ask for grocery money and that took away a part of my soul.”

2. Vanessa revealed her alter ego: While posing in a photo shoot to promote her personal concierge business, Vanessa Cole announced her religious-inspired nickname: Veezus. “It’s Vanessa and Jesus put together,” she explained. “I am Veezus, the second coming for all WAGS!”

3. Astrid and Claudia rode a mechanical bull: Giddy up! Astrid Bavaresco visited Claudia Sampedro up north in Green Bay and convinced her to go tailgating before one of Julius Peppers‘ games. The pre-football festivities included the girls climbing atop a bull and the results were hilarious. “Claudia and I together on this bull, this is definitely more booty than this bull has ever seen!” Astrid joked.

4. Darnell and Ashley hit the streets of New York: Alexis helped set Darnell up with a meeting in N.Y.C. to get the ball rolling on her fashion aspirations and it also happened to coincide with Fashion Week. She invited BFF Ashley to join her in the city, but she couldn’t stop worrying about Reshad back at home. “He’s been really distant,” she revealed to Ashley. “I want to go after my dreams. I just—I don’t want to lose him in the process and I don’t want to lose our family in the process. If I’m being honest, I have no security.” Darnell’s admission totally surprised Ashley, especially since they had just gotten engaged. “It really doesn’t make sense,” Ashley told her. “That’s not normal.”

5. Hencha attempted to make amends: Vanessa decided to give Hencha Voigt a chance to explain herself after their fight at the spa. “I just want you to know that I’m not a bad person,” Hencha explained. But Vanessa wasn’t open to accepting her apology. “I don’t give a f–k,” she replied. “I’m pissed, so what’s up?” Hencha then broke down in tears and opened up about her family life and feeling misunderstood. In the end, her candor softened Vanessa’s heart. “I was ice cold until this point, but after hearing about her upbringing and all her problems, I kind of felt a little bad,” she said. “I really am thinking, ‘What would Veezus do?'” LOL!

6. Phil asked Ashley’s father for his blessing: Ashley, Philip and their son traveled to Atlanta to spend time with Ashley’s family and Phil was definitely feeling the pressure to pop the question from all sides. Phil and Ashley’s father, Mike Roberts, went out for a meal and the NFL player worked up the courage to ask for his daughter’s hand in marriage. “Right now, I think I’m ready,” Phil explained. “I think now’s the time and I’m hoping I can get your blessing.” Mike was impressed with Phil and happily gave his approval!

7. Darnell caught Reshad out at a party: Vanessa, Darnell, Claudia and Astrid hit the town for a girls’ night. The outing was great for Darnell who had been feeling even more detached from Reshad since returning from her trip. But she was in for a surprise when she saw him at the exact same event. Since they hadn’t spoken in days, she had no clue he would be there. “When I see Reshad, my heart just stopped,” she said. “I didn’t know he was going out tonight and I have all of these thoughts running in my head.”

The unexpected encounter triggered a whirlwind of emotions for Darnell, so Vanessa pulled her away from the dance floor to talk privately. “This s–t don’t make nothing better!” Darnell told her, pointing at her engagement ring and crying. “I don’t even know what the f–k this is. I’m not going to give my life up for this. I don’t feel loved! I don’t want this s–t. I just want him and he’s not giving it to me! I’m just tired!”

Watch a brand-new episode of WAGS Miami Sunday at 10 p.m., only on E!

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