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Watch: Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence Star in First 'Passengers'


Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt both shot to movie stardom rather suddenly. Lawrence gave a sterling performance in the indie drama Winter’s Bone, earning an Academy Award nomination. She was then cast in a supporting role in X-Men: First Class, which brought her even wider notice and set the stage for her starring turns in The Hunger Games and Silver Linings Playbook, the latter of which brought her an Academy Award.

For his part, Pratt established himself on television, first on Everwood and then on Parks and Recreation, while acquitting himself quite nicely in supporting roles in a variety of movies. But it was his starring performance in Guardians of the Galaxy that launched him into the stratosphere.

Now the two are starring together in Passengers, which is a test of their stardom and also their chemistry together. That’s because the movie finds them adrift in space. They are passengers on an interstellar spacecraft that is bound for a distant planet, which they will help colonize. But something goes wrong and, among the countless other people in deep sleep, they wake up, some 90 years too early.

Watch the dazzling first trailer below.

[embedded content]

The premise of the movie sounds bittersweet. After all, even if they somehow survive the trip to the colony planet, what prospects await two very old space travelers? Yet the idea of spending a couple of hours with Lawrence and Pratt still sounds immensely appealing. 

We’ll have to wait and see how the story develops. Jon Spaihts (Prometheus) wrote the original screenplay; Morten Tyldum (Headhunters, The Imitation Game) directed. Passengers will open in theaters on December 21.


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