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Watch New 'Wonder Woman' Trailer and Be Amazed

Wonder Woman

When the new Wonder Woman made her big-screen debut in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice earlier this year, it was a big boost to the movie as well as to loyal fans of the comic book character. Gal Gadot made a strong impression, both as antiquities dealer and entrepreneur Diana Prince, her secret identity, and as a powerful Amazonian princess who comes to the aid of Batman and Superman.

Though brief, Wonder Woman’s debut raised expectations for the upcoming solo movie that will serve as an origin story, detailing how the character is introduced during World War I. The first trailer, which premiered at Comic-Con, featured spectacular large-scale action scenes that showcased Wonder Woman’s abilities.

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Gadot promises that the movie will tell “a very simple story of someone who believes in good and believes that people should be happy and lead safe, happy lives. We cared a lot about simplifying Wonder Woman’s agenda, because it is simple. It was her heart that we cared about, not her being this warrior.”

A new Wonder Woman trailer has now been released. Watch it below.

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Chris Pine costars as Steve Trevor, an American pilot who crashes on the shores of the secret island home of the Amazons. Once he tells of the great conflict that is raging throughout the world, Diana resolves to stop the threat

Robin Wright and Connie Nielsen also star. Patty Jenkins directed. Wonder Woman will open in theaters on June 2, 2017.

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