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Welcome alliances & a shocking stand-off push ’24: Legacy’ into explosive territ…

“24: Legacy” ramps things up to an intense new level in Monday’s (April 10) penultimate episode: With Rebecca Ingram (Miranda Otto) missing, two unexpected CTU alliances — and one shocking stand-off — set the stage for the season’s explosive final hour.

Terror masterminds Asim Naseri (Oded Fehr) and Ibrahim Bin-Khalid (Eli Danker) are out to bring justice to America by murdering the former CTU director on live TV: A catalyst that raises the stakes to a whole new benchmark, and bringing together some delightful pairings in the process:

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John Donovan & Eric Carter
(Jimmy Smits &  Corey Hawkins)

24 legacy jimmy smits corey hawkins Welcome alliances & a shocking stand off push 24: Legacy into explosive territory

We’ve been waiting all season for Eric Carter and Senator Donovan to team up. Hearkening back to the good old days of “24,” when the Jack Bauer (Kiefer Sutherland)/President Palmer (Dennis Haysbert) partnership reigned supreme, Carter and Donovan infiltrate the Pentagon to confront Intelligence Director Simms (James Moses Black) about his connection to Asim Naseri.

It turns out Simms ordered the kidnapping of Naseri’s granddaughter a year ago, leading the terrorist to believe the girl was murdered. Working some coercive magic, Eric finds intel that puts him one step closer to rescuing Rebecca, and heads to a safe house to find her. If Naseri sees she’s still alive, he might decide to spare Rebecca’s life.

Director Mullins & Andy Shalowitz
(Teddy Sears & Dan Bucatinsky)

24 legacy 111 teddy sears dan bucatinsky Welcome alliances & a shocking stand off push 24: Legacy into explosive territory

All it takes is a little ballsy fieldwork for Director Mullins to give Andy the respect he so thoroughly deserves. While Andy was benched by Mullins for insubordination earlier in the season, it’s nice to see both men working together now.

When Director Simms’ errand boy Daniel Pang (C.S. Lee) shows up to perform a sweep of CTU’s system, Shalowitz and Mullins partner up to keep the man at bay. Andy assists Eric and Senator Donovan in their hunt for Rebecca, while Mullins covertly takes Daniel down with a classic wrestling move — sleeper hold FTW!

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Tony Almeida and… Eric Carter?
(Carlos Bernard)

24 legacy 111 tony almeida carlos bernard Welcome alliances & a shocking stand off push 24: Legacy into explosive territory

What the heck is Tony Almeida doing!? By the looks of things, nothing good. One call from Director Simms sends Tony and his clean-up crew to the same safe house Eric is at. Almeida’s there to tie up loose ends and relocate Naseri’s granddaughter — it’s just a paid job to Tony, and he’s looking to fulfill his end of the bargain.

But Eric’s at the safe house to save the young girl, hoping to use Naseri’s granddaughter as a bargaining chip to set Rebecca free. If Tony knew Rebecca was in danger — and this mission would lead to her safety — he’d change his tune, right?  Let’s remember, Tony and Rebecca have a history together. Not only did she use Almeida to interrogate her husband’s father over ties to Bin-Khalid earlier in the season — the two used to date. Oh, what a terrifically tangled web “24: Legacy” has weaved…

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With just one episode left, the clock on Rebecca’s life is literally ticking away. It’s obvious each duo will do whatever it takes to save CTU’s former director from certain death. Can Eric and Tony put their differences behind them before it’s too late? We’re still waiting for Tony Almeida to get the “24” redemption he deserves, and a partnership with Eric Carter could be just what the man needs to put his CTU demons to bed — once and for all.

The “24: Legacy” Season 1 finale airs Monday, April 17 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on FOX.

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