Bow Before Cas in This New Supernatural Clip (VIDEO)

The good news is that Castiel isn’t dead, as flimsy rumors from midway through last season would have us believe. The bad news is that now he’s a Godly dick. Supernatural returns for Season 7 this Friday, and to whet your whistle, The CW has released this clip from early on in the premiere, which is entitled “Meet the New Boss.”

How do you feel about Castiel as an all-powerful, “bow before me” jerkface, rather than the bumbling, na├»ve angel who sometimes smokes pot and downs shots of liquor? Me, I much prefer the latter and hope the writers return him to his original state soon.

Supernatural premieres this Friday at 9pm on The CW. Just as I have over the last few years, I’ll be covering the show weekly for the site!

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