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Captain Kirk vs. Princess Leia: William Shatner Takes It Up a Notch in His Bitter Rivalry with Carrie Fisher

In the ever-evolving war between the Star Trek and Star Wars franchises, it’s now come down to William Shatner vs. Carrie Fisher in a series of video insults that do little except serve as proof of why we need to get Shatner and Fisher to star in their own dirty little sitcom right away.

It began back when Shatner was doing some random video interview and was asked about Star Wars. He went off with a little bit about how Star Trek is superior to Star Wars and that was that until Carrie Fisher made her own little video defending The Wars while criticizing the special effects in the Star Trek series. Never one to turn down a viral video battle, Shatner has now responded to Fisher by insulting her weight repeatedly (like he’s one to talk), among other things (like pointing out bad Star Wars special effects via a slideshow). We’re not sure how Fisher will eventually respond, but after Shatner’s latest ribbing (watch below), these things are only going to get nastier and filthier and, honestly, we’re looking forward to it.

Check out all three videos below in order of when they debuted.

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