Check Out Marvel’s Upcoming Movie Plans in One Awesome Image

Marvel Studios recently threw down hard when it comes to its upcoming slate of movies, taking its superhero train to a theater in Los Angeles for a loud, rowdy, Comic-Con-esque announcement regarding its Phase Three plans. We’re talking nine (!) new movies, beginning with Captain America: Civil War on May 6, 2016 and ending with an Inhumans movie on November 2, 2018. In between we’ve got a two-part Avengers sequel, new additions like Black Panther and Captain Marvel, not to mention sequels for Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy

To help fans visualize the onslaught of awesomeness heading their way, Marvel officially released this image of all its Phase Three movies with their release dates and title treatments.

Click image to enlarge

Oh, but this ain’t all the superhero movies coming to theaters in the near future. We put together this handy calendar of the superhero movies arriving in your neck of the woods between now and 2020. Sneak a peek at that below, then let us know what superhero movie you’re most looking forward to.

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