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Digital cameras for kids The photographs taken by kids give us rich insights into their minds. We get to see what is important to them. We get to see the world through their eyes. For beginners, here is the best digital camera for kids. The AMKOV kids camera would be a solution that is both rugged and budget-friendly and will make your child’s camera a really useful learning tool. Digital cameras for kids offer lots of opportunities for play and exploration. And with a digital kids camera, your kids can do the following activities . 1.Tell stories kids can use photographs to illustrate their own stories. Kids might begin with their photographs, writing a story to go with them. Or they might write a story first and then take photographs. 2.Create facial expression flash cards Help young children create a set of “emotion” photos–pictures of people making a variety of emotional facial expressions. 3.Study animal behavior There’s a reason why zoologists take photos. You can capture details in a photograph that are either hard to see or hard to analyze in real time. So wildlife (and even pet) photography isn’t just pretty. It’s also a tool for scientific inquiry. 4.Measure change over time How does your family’s kitchen change over the course of the day? What does an ice cube look like as it melts? Photography helps kids record changes and think about the passage of time. Package: Kids Digital Camera *1 USB Cable *1 Lanyard *1 User Manual *1Screwdriver*1
Note: AAA batteries and Micro MINI SD Card (supports up to 32G) are not included in the package. Perfect for kids three to nine years old and DO NOT offer for kids under 3 years.Anti Drop and Durable Design: With the soft silicone protective shell, the toy camera is anti-drop which makes it a durable camera for kids. With 2 easy handles and a neck strap, the camera in toy would make your young child enjoy taking pictures in a safe and comfortable way, no need to worry about accidental slips and falls.
Convenient and Safe: As a camera for kids, it just need 3 AAA batteries (not included in package, rechargeable NiMH batteries would be great) which is extremely convenient and safe for the children (intended for ages 3 to 9 years) and it will automatic shut off without any operation to preserve battery life.
Cute Learning Tools: Digital cameras for kids have many uses. The children camera give us the opportunity to see the world from our kids’ perspectives. They are also useful learning tools– hone their story-telling skills, enrich their scientific investigations and other camera-based learning activities.
1.3 Mega Pixels and Funny Photo Frame: With real 1.3 mega pixels your kids can take perfect pictures up to 5mega pixels. With the built-in photo frames, your lovely children can take funny photos using this kid friendly digital camera.
Video Cameras for Kids: The kid camera includes all the functions that photographers want in a digital camera and can record videos as well as sounds for more creative ways to play.

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