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Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs

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Rapunzel is one of the most iconic new Disney Princess characters in over 10 years. This fall 2011 she will be officially welcomed into the Disney Princess family. To celebrate Walt Disney Records will be releasing an iconic compilation of songs, which focus on key “glowing” story moments from classic Disney Princess films that showcase the “Glow from within” of our Princesses – their positive attributes such as kindness unconditional love and endless dreams. Includes songs from Tangled, Princess and the Frog, Little Mermaid, Sleeping Beauty and Snow White. Features new songs “The Glow” performed by Shannon Saunders as well as CD enhancement with fun printable downloads like a printable tiara, a doorhanger, etc. Once the disc is inserted into CD-Rom drive, you are given a choice of either playing the CD or clicking on the exe. file which contains a lot of extras… including the printable keepsakes.

On a PC: Insert disc, go to My Computer, click on the drive where CD is inserted and click “Start”. The Disney Princess program will begin with the option for downloadables. On a Mac: Insert disc, Disney Princess “Play Me” icon should appear on the desktop. Click to launch downloadables.

Disney Disney Princess: Fairy Tale Songs

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