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Don’t freak out, America — Let Ross Geller be your spirit animal

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It’s been a rough week. You can feel it. We can feel it. It seems to be a glaring fact that it would be better to face the pain head-on than to avoid it altogether.

America is more polarized than ever and it feels like — whichever way your belief system lies — anger, frustration and disappointment seem to be the trending topics of the day. If there’s one thing we can all agree on it’s that now is the perfect time for some much-needed levity.

So, friends… We have some advice for you. Don’t let the rage win. Give yourself a moment, take a deep breath and let Ross Geller be your spirit animal. Because, if there’s any sitcom character that embodied hilarious anxiety to a tee, it’d be Rachel Green’s (Jennifer Aniston) future husband.

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David Schwimmer may have moved past his career-defining role on “Friends” to take on other characters — like Robert Kardashian in “The People v O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story” and Tommy Moran in AMC’s short-lived “Feed the Beast” — but like many actors in his position, they’ll always be their iconic characters, in some way or another. And honestly, he’ll always be Ross to us.

From “We were on a break!” to his hilarious “Pivot!” strategy in moving some unruly furniture, Geller gave us a reliable — and quite welcome — outlet for the frustrations that come week in and week out. Living vicariously through the Paleontologist’s wacky life, the ’90s felt a little more comforting when it came time to tune into NBC’s “Must See TV” lineup.

Primetime Thursdays may now be considered Shondaland, but there’s a simple legacy that “Friends” created which has endured. And if there’s one lesson we can glean from the popular sitcom, it would be this: We may strive with all our might to be Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry), but deep down we know one reality to be true…

…One way or another we are all a little bit Ross. And when you think about it, that really isn’t a bad thing.

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