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'Jackie' Trailer: Natalie Portman May Just Win an Oscar for This

There are some outstanding female performances this year in movies — so many that it’s going to make for one of the most competitive Best Actress races in years. Perhaps leading a very formidable pack is Natalie Portman, whose performance as Jackie Kennedy in Jackie may be her best work yet.

A new trailer for Jackie has now arrived (watch it below), in which Portman portrays the former First Lady in the immediate hours and days following the death of President Kennedy.

[embedded content]

The film, directed by Pablo Larraín, plays more like a series of moments than it does a straight narrative — hopping between scenes that take place minutes after President Kennedy is shot to days after the incident, as the First Lady assists in the planning of her husband’s funeral while also trying to pack and move out of the White House as another family prepares to move in. All of it is framed up with an hours-long interview Kennedy gives a week after the assassination, with Billy Crudup playing the journalist in question.

Hands down this is some of Portman’s best work as an actress yet. She is quite frankly remarkable, brilliantly shifting between grief, anger and strength, as she attempts to piece together a woman who in many ways was rediscovering her own voice amidst one of the most tragic events in United States history.

Jackie hits theaters in limited release on December 2. 

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