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Kenya Moore’s Family Shocked Over Baby News: ‘Why Do You Want Children So Badly?’ Aunt Asks

Real Housewives of Atlanta star Kenya Moore is ready to hear the pitter-patter of little feet – much to her family’s surprise.
In a sneak preview of the hit Bravo show, the beauty queen, who recently revealed she plans to have a child through in vitro fertilization in 2014, drops the baby bombshell while having her family over for dinner.

When Moore’s aunt Lori asks if she’s happy with her new home, she hints that she’s ready to expand her family.

“I may need a bigger house with more bedrooms,” she says before taking a dramatic pause. “I’m going to have a child!”

Her family stares back in disbelief and ask her to be a little more specific.

“I’m going to have a child. I have an appointment to see a fertility specialist,” the former Miss USA says.

“Is there a potential baby daddy?” Lori asks.

Kenya responds, “Right now, it’s about making the decision about who it will be.”

But her family isn’t quite as supportive as she’d hoped.

“You’re a busy person. Having a child takes time and patience. Do you have that?” her friend asks.

Her aunt adds, “Why do you feel that you want to have children so badly?”

Visibly upset, Moore begins to sob: “I’m so tired of not having my own family.”

“The relationship I had with my mother has left me with a huge void in my life and having a child of my own will, in some way, repair that void,” she explains.

Do you think having a child is the healthiest way for Moore to fill the void left by her mother? Sound off in comments below…

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