Movie News in 60 Seconds: Russell Crowe Will Float Aronofsky’s Ark; Harry

Robin Hood

Will He Float Your Boat?: After more than the usual back and forth, Russell Crowe is now set to take on the titular role in Darren Aronofsky’s Noah. Cameras should be rolling in the summer on what has been described as a non-traditional epic, in which the biblical character becomes “disillusioned with the way humans have treated their planet.” We’re not sure Crowe’s Noah will be as angry as Crowe was in Robin Hood (above), but this could be another case in which a familiar name is used to sell a movie, while junking the original story entirely. That could mean downplaying any sort of divine intervention. [Deadline]

Harry Potter Bully Found Guilty: In a bit of unfortunate typecasting, Jamie Waylett, who played a bully named Vincent Crabbe in the Harry Potter film series, has been sentenced to two years in prison after being convicted of “violent disorder” during riots in London last summer. He was cleared of another charge of intending to destroy or damage property. [The Guardian]

Director Dies: Known for his work on Broadway, director Ulu Grosbard only made a handful of films, but each one displayed a rare modesty and intelligence: The Subject Was Roses, Straight Time, Falling in Love, Georgia, and True Confessions, which is possibly his masterpiece, among them. He worked multiple times with Robert Duvall, on both stage and screen, and did likewise with Dustin Hoffman. The director, aged 83, died earlier this week. [The New York Times]