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Movie News: Ryan Reynolds Wants a Deadpool/Wolverine Movie; Vin Diesel Recommends 'Fences&…


Deadpool/Wolverine: Earlier this week, Ryan Reynolds quickly doused the hot rumor that he would be making an appearance as Deadpool in Logan opposite Hugh Jackman. Now he says: “I want a Deadpool/Wolvie film. But Logan is its own unique and perfect thing. The Big Red Sh**-Talker wouldn’t mix with the tone.” Thus, the possibility exists that Wolverine will cross over and appear in a Deadpool sequel, even if the character is not played by Jackman. [Twitter]


Fences: In a new photo, Vin Diesel is pictured with Denzel Washington, star and director of the recently-released drama Fences. In the caption, Diesel talks about his “appreciation for the thespian craft” and explains how that developed. Fences is now playing; Diesel will next appear in xXx: Return of Xander Cage, which opens in theaters on January 20. [Instagram]


Hidden Figures

Kevin Costner: Currently receiving positive critical notices for his supporting role in Hidden Figures (above), Academy Award-winning director Kevin Costner says: “I would like to play out the second half of my career directing more.” In a separate interview, he gets more specific: “It’s about 10 hours long, how about that? Maybe I’ll make three features out of it. There’s a fourth one, too, so it’s truly a saga. I could do TV, or I could also make it like every six months, have a big Western that’s tied together.” [Vulture/Variety]



Arrival Video: Director Denis Villeneuve, actors Jeremy Renner and Amy Adams and producer Shawn Levy all talk about the value of a good script in a new Arrival video. Meanwhile, screenwriter Eric Heisserer credits Ted Chiang, whose short story served as source material for the acclaimed movie. It’s playing in theaters nationwide. [Movieclips]

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