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Nine Lives TRAILER 2 (2016) – Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken Movie HD

Nine Lives TRAILER 2 (2016) – Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken Movie HD

Tom Brand (Kevin Spacey) is a daredevil billionaire at the top of his game. His company is nearing completion on the tallest skyscraper in the northern hemisphere. But Tom•s workaholic lifestyle has disconnected him from his family, particularly his wife Lara (Jennifer Garner) and daughter Rebecca (Malina Weissman). Rebecca’s 11th birthday is here, and she wants a cat. Tom hates cats but needs a gift. He finds a mystical pet store where the owner, Felix Perkins (Christopher Walken), presents him with a tomcat named Mr. Fuzzypants. En route to his daughter’s party, Tom has a terrible accident. When he wakes he discovers he is trapped in the body of the cat. Adopted by his own family, he begins to experience his life through a new perspective. In order to return to his family as the husband and father they deserve, Tom will have to learn why he has been placed in this peculiar situation.

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34 thoughts on “Nine Lives TRAILER 2 (2016) – Kevin Spacey, Christopher Walken Movie HD

  1. Gone back to a 80's + 90's kind of comedy, Where an animal of some sort is really a human trapped inside the body-Miss these genres- Glad it is back for today's generation

  2. What.The. Fuck. Is this a real movie? Come on this has got to be a joke. Kevin Spacey and Christopher Walken are both hailed as some of the best actors in the world and are both Academy award winners. Do they need money or something? Just do an SNL appearance or a video game voice over. Why this?! 

  3. kevin spacey and Christopher Walken take truth or dare very seriously… Always choose truth guys, there are messed up people out there who will make you do crazy things

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