‘Private Practice’ series finale set diary: Inside the hair and makeup


Image Credit: Randy Holmes/ABC

Late last year,

Entertainment Weekly armed Private Practice star KaDee Strickland with a video camera and asked her to film the cast’s final days on set. What she captured will provide the show’s dedicated fans with glimpses at some of the final scenes of the show and candid interviews with cast and crew. Leading up to the show’s series finale on Jan. 22, EW will roll out this footage as part of a special behind-the-scenes series.

The hair and makeup trailer at Private Practice became a homebase of sorts for the cast, according to star Kate Walsh. Over six seasons, she says, it has become a “magical”, “sacred place.” Somewhere the actors could go to “be ourselves.”

Thanks to KaDee Strickland, the video below gives an inside look at this laughter-filled center of action, helmed by makeup department head Sergio Lopez-Rivera and hair department head Arlene Chavez:

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