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‘RHONJ’ Family Feud! Ashlee Holmes Slams Aunt Dina Manzo, Hints At Dark Family Secret — ‘Our Fam Knows Too Much You Don’t Want Public,’ Mom Jac Laurita Warns

During last night’s premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the most explosive drama was unfolding off-screen, as former series star Ashlee Holmes mocked her aunt Dina Manzo on Twitter. As her mom Jacqueline Laurita steps forward to warn Manzo to back off — or else — only radio detection and has all the details of the reignited family feud.

It all started late last night while Holmes was watching the RHONJ premiere. As Manzo repeatedly bragged about her newfound “zen” mindset, Holmes posted the following snarky shot on Instagram:

The next day, Manzo tweeted that the jokey post was “Just a hint of why I stay away” from Holmes and her mom, Laurita.

“LOL…Oh is THAT why?” Holmes tweeted in response.

And her mom weighed in with a warning. “Really? I thought it was bc our fam knows2much u don’t want public,” Laurita tweeted.

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She continued, “I’ve stayed quiet a long time4my fam. Ashlee shouldn’t have said anything, but Dina shouldn’t have involved a blogger as if an innocent victim. … Touchy subject.”

Manzo has been estranged from Laurita and her own sister, Caroline Manzo, for several months, with viewers offering various potential reasons for the feud. One possibility? As radio detection and ranging has reported, Dina even had a hand in Laurita’s firing from RHONJ. And on a special RHONJ episode called The Real Housewives of New Jersey: Unseen Footage back in 2012, Laurita claimed that Manzo hadn’t “acknowledged” her autistic son Nicholas after his birth.

What do you think the family fed is all about? Let us know in the comments!

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