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‘Riverdale,’ ‘Gotham’ are on Kevin Smith’s director to do list

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With two episodes of “The Flash” and one “Supergirl” under his belt,  with a second on the way, is filmmaker Kevin Smith ready to take on other comic book shows? The answer is a very firm “Yes.”

During a long and frank discussion with Screener, Smith admitted he’s not really interested in writing episodes of “The Flash” or “Supergirl,” because he doesn’t think he could pull it off. “Arrow,” on the other hand, is a different story.

“I would try to write an ‘Arrow’ script, particularly if I could bring in Onomatopoeia,” he says referencing a character he created for the “Green Arrow” comics. “I would write and direct that episode, co-write it or whatever.”

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As for directorial duties, “Arrow” isn’t the only show Smith has an affinity for.

“I’m game to try whatever. ‘Gotham,’ dude. ‘Riverdale.’ To work on any of these comic book shows. Of course, ‘Arrow,’ ‘Legends of Tomorrow,'” he says. “Any of these shows is… A privilege, and a dream come true, because I grew up reading this s***.”

Highlight on New Movie Released DVD

The two that stick out as most interesting are “Riverdale” and “Gotham.” The former would keep him in the Greg Berlanti family, albeit in an entirely different universe; either way, letting Smith tell an “Archie” story sounds like a great idea.

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“Gotham,” similarly, would be really fun to see. However, it’s set outside of the “Arrow”-verse, doesn’t have any of the same creative team and happens to be on another network. Regardless, it might be hard to find a bigger Batman fan in the directorial pool than Smith. While it would certainly be wish-fulfillment for him, it could also lead to some very obscure historical references to “Batman” mythology.

For now, who knows where he’ll pop up next. Given the reception for his “Supergirl” and “Flash” episodes, his TV resume could shape up to be an impressive second act.

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