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Sarah Paulson wants to play Kellyanne Conway in ‘American Horror Story’ & we nee…

The theme of “American Horror Story” Season 7 was the much-discussed topic of conversation at Sunday’s (March 26) PaleyFest. It was the final night of the week-long event, and the cast of “Roanoke” were all smiles — but no one cared to spill the beans on Ryan Murphy’s ultimate plan.

Murphy previously revealed that the new season will be all about the 2016 election… But what does that actually mean?

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“I think what ‘American Horror Story’ can do is: It actually goes where your imagination won’t go. I think it’ll show things you think it shouldn’t show,” series staple Denis O’Hare tells Screener: “So, never count Ryan [Murphy] out. He will always come up with something freakier than reality. Never count Brad [Falchuk] out, he’ll always come up with some way to freak you out even more.”

american horror story cast paley fest 2017 Sarah Paulson wants to play Kellyanne Conway in American Horror Story & we need this to happen

And so, while cast and producers remained tight-lipped on the details, it didn’t stop them from revealing who they’d love to play in Season 7’s political story…

Cheyenne Jackson: Paul Ryan. You think what you see is what you get, but there is a lot under the surface. There’s a lot under that little grin…. Just write me something duplicitous! Somebody who looks straight-laced and has it all together, but then… Who knows?

Denis O’Hare: A perverted, maniacal, charming, powerful political strategist. Basically Steve Bannon. The charming part would have to be fictional, of course…

Adina Porter (Lee Harris): I would love to play Donald Trump’s sidekick, Omarosa. You know, the woman who was going to deliver the black vote for him? I’d like to play her. And her weave.

Sarah Paulson: I’d love to play Kellyanne Conway. I’d love to do that. But first of all, where is she? We haven’t seen her in a couple weeks. I’m just saying… She was everywhere. We could not get her to shut up — and now, where is she? She’s in a basement somewhere with a sock in her mouth? We don’t know… That’s an American Horror Story for you: What happened to Kellyanne Conway?

“American Horror Story” Season 7 premieres later this year on FX.

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