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Teens Try To Convince an Old Man His House is Haunted In First Trailer for 'The Good Neigh…

The first trailer for The Good Neighbor promises to be quite different than other haunted house movies for one simple, inspired reason: there is no actual haunting in it.

Instead The Good Neighbor is about two teenagers who, thinking it will make them famous on the internet, hide a bunch of video cameras and other gadgets in the house of their elderly neighbor with the plan of secretly filming his reactions as they attempt to convince him that his house is haunted. As you can probably guess, it doesn’t go well for all involved.

The old guy they decide to torment is played by James Caan, and while the trailer stops short of revealing exactly what secrets he’s hiding, it’s clear that these dumb teens picked the wrong guy to mess with. Check it out.

And if that doesn’t look like it’s scratching your itch, you can check out Don’t Breathe, another fall horror movie about some teenagers who pick the wrong old guy to try and scam.

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