The Most Banned Horror Movies in History

The controversial ‘Human Centipede II: Full Sequence’ opening Friday in 18 select theaters around the country has already achieved a mountain of notorious hype. The sequel to 2010’s shocker about a mad doctor obsessed with surgically connecting people mouth-to-anus promises to be even more disgusting and brutal — and with reports that ‘Human Centipede II’ features even more graphic torture, bodily fluids and rape, it’s no surprise that the movie getting into trouble.

Back in June, the film was banned in the UK, but the British Board of Film Classification relented on Thurdsay and will allow the film to be screened.

This may seem like a whirlwind tale of a movie pushing the limits of decency farther than ever before, but compared to some other horror movies, it’s child’s play. If ‘Human Centipede’ wants to really become one of the most shocking films of all time, it will have to work extra hard to achieve the public outcry that these films caused. Moviefone takes a look at the most banned horror movies in history.

Watch the trailer for ‘Human Centipede II’

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